Saturday, December 6, 2008

A shining star has gotten her wings!

Editor's Note: Read previous post first.

"A bright light has left the earth... trailing clouds of glory to brighten the lives of others beyond this world. In every way, she enriched lives of those she touched."
(Bruce Mortensen, Father of Susan)
There was a really beautiful posed shot of Susan, but I remember Susan as always smiling, if not laughing. She enjoyed her life to the fullest! I do believe that bells are ringing and that Susan "got her wings" (It's a Wonderful Life)
I am grateful for technology. It allowed us to say Good-bye and hear the most beautiful testimony from Susan right before the end.
I am grateful that Susan was willing to share her trial with all those that cared for her.
I am grateful for her family, because they shared a precious daughter, sister, and wife with rest of us.
"God be with you til we meet again"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks and Love

Last week I was really trying to contemplate what I was thankful for in my life... makes sense since it was Thanksgiving :)
I am grateful for my family and friends, but I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. It is what gives meaning to my family and friends.

... this past week, I was given a wake-up call!

On Monday, I went to work and seriously all day long, I could not stop thinking about my friend that is battling cancer, her parents, and her husband. I have thought about them alot over the last couple of months, but I was overcome on Mon. So that evening, when I finally got a free moment, I emailed a cousin of hers to find out if she knew of anything we could do for them.

Tues was a very crazy day, I did not get to my email til late that evening... her cousin informed me that they brought her home the night before and hospice was going to take over. Her body can not handle any more chemo treatments. But she informed me that she is in peace. Typical Susan. She is one of those people that shines and exemplifies a great attitude.... I cried, (I cry about every time I read her blog- whether they were happy or sad tears). She found out about her cancer 6 months ago! She is 25/26: my age! She was so healthy. She was an outstanding collegiate athlete who took great care in her body. But most importantly, she brightened a room any time she walked in. When she got married 11 months ago... I thought her husband must be glad that her Dad was the singles ward bishop otherwise she would have been snatched up the minute she joined (totally joking) She fully embodies beauty, inside and out.

I am grateful that I have knowledge about the plan of salvation. I am grateful that I know she is part of an eternal family. and even though I am crying, I am grateful that in her own way she has taught me that life and time are precious. Dishes and clean floors are not a priority. My children are! Time is fleeting! Susan is a great example to me of following the principles of the gospel so that all WILL be well, whether it's the plan we had thought or not.

So as I close out this year and look to the next, I am striving to follow my Savior's example. It's like the scripture in Mathew 6:21: where your treasure is; there will your heart be also. ( I can't quote it, because my scriptures are in spanish)

If you are reading this, most likely I am grateful for our friendship. Thank you! Go kiss and hug those that you thought of while reading this!

Thanks Susan! We love you and your family!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Story

I got tagged a long time ago... I finally decided to do it. I guess I am feeling nostalgic.

Sorry, it's more for me... I got really into in and wrote alot of details :D

1. Where did you first meet your husband?
I met him at an Institute Men & Women Association Activity through our Elder Quorum's President. Wordy, but true. :) I was involved in the association and Damond just came for free food.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?

"Hi, nice to meet you," maybe "welcome to the ward" nothing spectacular, in fact I think we both kind of brushed it off...

At the time, I had been talking to the Elder's Quorum President and he said, "Hey, have you met Damond, he's new in our ward?" I can remember that he was wearing an England soccer jersey and that I was wearing a brown fleece hoodie (one of my favorites). I will tell you one of the first things I heard a girl say to him... we were at an FHE activity maybe a week later. At the end, a bunch of us were sitting around and a girl walked up to him and said, "I just wanted to let you know, you're really cute!" Damond, was stunned and maybe said, "thanks." and she walked away. I was trying so hard not to laugh. :) needless to say, for awhile I thought he must be very sure of himself, with comments like that!

3. Where was your first date?
Both of us tried really hard to be friends at first. So we hung out alot (generally as a group) and talked at the institute. Another funny story: We were going to meet up at a dance/party, so when we talked to get directions, he told me he was going to go to the Chinese Cultural Center. I told him that I had never been there and he invited me along. We met there and since he hadn't eaten, he got quizno's. While eating, he got a phone call from his brother. This is what I hear... "Hey, how are you? yeah, things are going good."" UMMM, UMMM, I'm on a dddd-date." (He quickly peaks at me) "uh huh. yeah, I'd love to come to dinner. Bye" Again, trying so hard not to laugh. :D I didn't know what it was either, but it was fun to see him squirm.

So technically, we say it was a night we hiked up A mountain and talked for a really long time!

4. Where was your first kiss?
At the institute. I had previously decided he wasn't into me. Just friends kind of thing. Funny story: Well, at the time, it wasn't for me. We had gone snowboarding with a friend. I had a really hard time. I only made it down once, successfully. He, on the other hand mastered it on his first run. So I spent most of the day, on my bum, watching him and my friend. We eventually went on a run together. On the ski lift he said something to the effect that I was like a LITTLE SISTER to him! I took that as an obvious message! So I decided to try to spend less time with him so as to get back on our "just friends" track. Apparently he was thinking the opposite! Several days later, we had been studying, really late, at the Cumputer Commons and as he walked me to my car, out of the blue asked if he could kiss me! I said, "NO!" just kidding! " of course I said, yes. Which surprised me since it had been about five years since I'd let anyone else kiss me. I was really selective! Which turned out really well for me :D

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?

Well, this gets tricky :) Let's see we met at the end of Jan. He kissed me the end of March. Four days later asked me, "what my thoughts were on getting married?" Officially proposed beginning of May. Got married early August. I try to deny it, but it was pretty whirlwind!

Another funny story: Before I let him kiss me again (remember my selectiveness) I established our itemness (or thought I had). Two days later we went to his brother's wedding reception, where I met almost all of his family! He introduces me as his FRIEND! WHAT?!!!! I wasn't quite sure what to make of that... so the next day when he say's he has to talk to me," I start thinking "he wants to break up" Nope! he says he feels like he should propose! Backwards, I tell you! The whole courtship was backwards :D

6. Where did you get engaged?

On top of A mountain. We had just attended an IM&WA activity. It was the first time I had gotten mad at him. We had played ultimate frisbee and I thought he let me catch the winning touchdown. I was kind of mad and he took me to Bahama Bucks. That sweetened me up a bit :) He then asked if I wanted to climb A Mountain with him. I started to get that "feeling", but I thought, "no way. I am all sweaty... and gross. He wouldn't." But he did :) ( that was the only thing Damond had to add) :D

7. Where were you married?

In the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was absolutely perfect! For time and all eternity. He's that special!

Since, it can't be without a funny story: I was at the hair stylist that morning and her curling iron blew up! What are the chances?

8. How was the Honeymoon?

Perfect! We went to Puerto Vallarta. It was so nice to get away, just the two of us, after a summer of wedding craziness! Last funny story: We were about to land when Damond looked out the window and said, "wow! I never realized Mexico was so green!" :D He was so used to Border/Northern Mexico. So it was nice to enlighten him and show him the Mexico I loved!

As you see I had a lot of fun with this.. so I tag anyone that wants to go down memory lane :) I would love to hear everyone's funny stories! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random happenings!

Alex has been slowly adjusting to one a day naps. He usually does ok, but I guess this morning he was so tired he fell asleep like this while he was reading and eating a snack ... so sweet!

My parents got Alex this outfit and I have been so sad to see him grow out of it! He is getting so big! He weighed 27 lbs for his fifteen month check up!

This was the first time Damond had gone out to interview and so we met him, late, at the airport. Little boys must crawl into, over, under anything that comes their way :D

Here's Alex trying to make the Front Page Headline! :)
We were uplifted during the semi annual Conference! It was a blast to be able to meet up with family. As always there is a lot of chaos, but all in good fun :) Thomas loves to hear he's going to meet up with cousins!

Alex found this B-ball, while at D2's house and he didn't let go of it for the rest of the night. He quietly held the ball and watched Dad play football with his brothers... he and the ball were one!
I chose this picture, because all though it was craziness on the trampline and his life was in danger, he HELD onto the ball! It was very cute!

Alex loves his yogurt!

The boys were being silly!

October Happenings!

Here is re-cap of October, since it's NOVEMBER! Where does the time go?

We started out with the first FHE of Oct, painting and carving pumpkins. Thomas loved it and surprised us all. I had been avoiding saying, "Halloween", because I am not a huge fan of this holiday. ( but I LOVE FALL!!!!!) It slipped, and immediately Thomas asked if we were going to walk for candy (trick -or treating)! I can't belive he remembered! He only did it for a couple of houses last year! Needless to say, he was constantly bringing it up for the rest of the month :)

Alex was interesting in painting for about 5 seconds; the rest of the evening he played with Uncle Diego, who had graced us with his presence :) I think he just wanted food and to do his laundry, but he denies it :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Anyways, it's not that big of news anymore, since it happened a week ago, but then again, IT IS!!

Last Tues, he flew to Indianna for an interview. He has had several in the past month... hard financially, hard on his work, hard on me and the kids, and hard for him, because he had to do them :D, but we were grateful that so many schools wanted to check him out. We kept hoping that it would mean GREAT THINGS! Well, it DID! So he came back the following evening.
The kids and I waited all day to go get him. Alex was being kind of fussy and I had to dance with him for about an hour, right before we left for the airport. I kept getting this feeling to check the mail, but I didn't. I also thought several times throughout the day that I needed to charge the camera, but I didn't! I kept debating about going to the airport early and meeting Damond outside the gate, but Alex was being so fussy, that I didn't think I'd be able to handle it in public :) So we didn't.
We finally head out and I decide to check the mail. I immediately noticed this BIG envelope from the MEDICAL COLLEGE OF WISCONSIN. It felt heavier and more important than all the rejection letters we got last year, that I just had an inkling... hmmmm.... and then I saw the gold sticker on the back with their emblem. I just knew... well, sort of... but who sends an envelope with a gold sticker, if they are going to, "no, thank you"? So I ran back in the house to get the camera, but it was not charged! ughh! then I went for the camcorder and it wasn't charged either! ughhh! I was so mad at myself!
I picked Damond up. He talked to the boys and kind of told me how the interview went. We pulled into Costco Gas and I couldn't wait any longer! I brought out the envelope and he at first didn't want to open it, but he did :) and then we were jumping up and down, yelling... laughing...hugging :D It was a moment... I wish I had on camera!!!!! :) oh, well.
We were both so relieved to know that our efforts, (mostly his) had paid off. We are going somewhere next year! We don't have to do this process again!
The kids were excited with us, though they just think they have silly parents that get excited over mail :)
One sweet moment: we went to my parents house to tell them and when my Mom told Damond Congratulations, he said," WE did it. I couldn't have done it without her" He is so sweet to me!
Moral of the story: Never give up! Have Faith!
Lesson of the story: Always have your cameras charged!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuse Me!!!!

UGHHHHHH! This story makes me sick to my stomache!!!!!!

Yesterday, we went to the library as a family. Damond had headed to the children's section with the boys and I went to go pick up my Holds and browse the movies. Damond came running with the two boys that Thomas needed to go to the bathroom (he didn't know they had family bathrooms back there)
Anyways, we headed to the restrooms. Damond took Thomas to the boys room. I was in the bathroom hallway with Alex and he started to say, "Dad?" But then he noticed the echo, so of course, he repeated, "Dad" "Dad" It was kind of loud... I was starting to direct him inside the girls room, when I heard someone yell from inside. I thought, maybe they think Alex is their child calling for them.
We walk in and there is an older lady standing at the mirror and she mutters something about your child... So I say "Excuse me?" She turns to me and says, " can't you quiet your baby down? This is a library."
This is the part where I went into shock, because I generally don't get rude or tongue-tied when people are rude... I just can never understand when people dislike children and the noise they make.
anyways again... I reply, "he's just a a baby.'
Rude Lady: " You can still tell him to shhhh and quiet him down" (she didn't know that I was about to try to distract him by singing a song, because he is just in that stage where he likes his voice)
Me: "He was just listening to his echo."
Rude Lady: " This is a library. People come here for the quiet."
Me: "We were walking into the bathroom..."
Rude Lady interrupts: It is still the bathroom. You can teach him to be quiet..." (I think I zoned her out, because I couldn't believe how she was treating us and that we were having this conversation!"
Rude Lady starts walking out:" Teach your child to shhh, POR FAVOR!" WITH AS MUCH RUDENESS AND ENGLISH ACCENT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!
ME: " EXCUSE ME?!!!!!!"
I am generally a diplomatic person, but had I not been holding my son and been completely insulted into shock, I may have gone after the lady and lost my library card :)
If I am in the library, I will shhh my kids, but we were walking into the bathroom! and she was yelling herself at my son! in the bathroom! which is in the library!!!!!!
I thought people read books to enlighten and open their minds, but unfortunately racism still excists!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


"Come on Tigger, I can take you!"

"I just needed something to carry my cars in"

Not really sure how I am going to get this cutie off the bottle :(

Cheese puff, anyone?

Playing Dress- Up is the Best!

Awww mom, not another picture!

How the boys react when Damond gets home :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is Grand!

(from our B-Day, Aug '08)

I don't want to forget:

Around the age of 2 1/2 or three, "I do it myself!" begins... it's not so great when you are in a hurry :( but it's a good reminder to remember that we don't have to be in such a hurry

Alex likes the word "ow!" He will bump into something on purpose and say, "ow". Otherwise he will hit you and make you say, "ow" and then smile :D (silly goose!)

My dad took care of the boys the other night. The boys both had brooms, that, as he explained, were swinging all over the place. I asked him why he didn't just take them away? "They would have cried." was his answer with a "duh" expression :D "Grandpa!"

The boys love playing in the curtains! The giggles I hear... :) It's one of those moments that can slip by, if I don't cherish it while it lasts.

I just have to mention doctor, medicine, or milk and Thomas will want nothing to do with it :)

Alex loves to take everything out, put back in, slip into, ect.
Alex would love to be Thomas' shadow :) if he can keep up, sometimes he is :D
These are just a few things, but I am hoping to keep this up to help me remember the little things that make life grand!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Your Secret Admirer!

It's me, Damond! It's not a secret anymore! This is the post that you have been dying for me to write. Just wanted to let you know that I sure love you "mucho" (as you can see I'm tring to use the little Spanish that I know) and that I appreciate everything you do for our family. Tu eres mi amor!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's the middle of Sept!

Can you believe Fall is around the corner? I need a pause day/week to try to get caught up :D

To start off, after I made my last resolution to catch up in the blogging world, our computer went Crazy! It's really not fun to live without the world wide web :( Damond couldn't work on applications... I couldn't check email (just occasionally at my parents)... I couldn't blog or READ other people's blogs... I couldn't google to find recipes, ect. but on the other hand it did make it easier to get things done :)

Damond and I spent our Birthday with my family. We had a friend take us out for a wonderful steak dinner. YUMMMM! Melt in your mouth steak is one of my favorite foods!
Thomas was totally confused, because when he woke up, Damond told him to run and tell me Happy Birthday. He did and then I proceeded to tell him it to wish Damond a Happy Birthday. He looked at me funny, and with a "mom your silly" kind of smile he said, "No, it's Mommies Birthday!" :D It was just too much for him to consider. Two birthdays... No way!

My parents computer got stolen :( with my grandma SLEEPING in her room! So we are VERY THANKFUL nothing happened to her. (but it also meant no more computer access at all) ( I know really small in the whole scheme of things, but it helps keep me sane)

The following weekend we went down to Tucson for Damond's cousins' baby blessing. They are a very fun and funny family. So it's always nice to hang out with them! They happen to live right by UofA so if we have to move down there, we know where to live! :D

I didn't think I would mind moving to Tucson, but going down there made the possibity sink in... So I am praying even harder that we will get into the UofA Downtown Campus.

Then we had a MEGA FARAR FAMILY Weekend! Damond's brother and family came to stay with us. He is a computer genious! We are forever grateful to him, because he was able to fix our computer and he stayed up till three doing it! THANKS Dean and LINSEY for letting us borrow him :) On Sat, our niece got baptized. She was beautiful in her white dress. (It made me think ahead to the future when she'll wear another white dress) I told her it better be a loooooong time! After the baptism, everyone got together at his brothers house. 76 PEOPLE! I think 71 was family and the others were friends. It was CRAZY, CHAOTIC, OVERWHELMING, FOOD and GAMES GALORE, and so much FUN! It's always fun to play and watch all the cousins. And we will have three more cousins by JAN! The next day the same brother blessed their baby. And the CRAZINESS repeated itself. Can you believe the end of the day the house was still standing! Thanks D2 Farars'! I hope you take it as a compliment that so many people love the spirit of your house :)

Damond interviewed at UofA Downtown the following morning. He thinks it went well... You just never know! Unfortunately, they told him they would notify him Dec through Feb! I don't think I can wait that long!!!!! :(
Life is now starting to quiet down and I hope to get myself on a schedule. I am starting to run again... My goal is to run a 5K in Nov, then a 1/2 marathon in Feb. and if I am crazy enough, a marathon late spring! Anyone interested? :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Damond!

I was out of town for our anniversary, so I didn't get to write how much I love Damond and why...

It wasn't love at first sight, but I quickly started falling for him soon after :D I have always loved that we became such good friends first. We've had fun together ever since then, which is how it should be :D

I love what a wonderful person he is... one day he gave a person the shoes off his feet, but they person rejected them saying, the soles were rubber and would not last him long. But Damond was willing to do give up his shoes and I love that!

He is such a hard-worker in everything he does. He's not the kind of person to throw together a talk at the last minute... he dutifully ponders and studies what he going to be talking about.

He is such a good Dad! The boys absolutely ADORE their Dad. I love how they instantly run to the window or door as soon as they hear him or the truck when he gets home!

He always tries so hard to make me laugh when I am being grumpy. I fight hard to stay in my bad mood, but he is usually able to make me smile :D

He is such a good example to me. I think in any relationship, the other person should make you want to do better ( I don't think I expressed that correctly) ... the other person should lift you up instead of drag you down? (I think that's better)

The boys and I love you tons!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet! Chango! BIG!

This is sweet!

Thomas fell asleep like that :D

This is My Chango!

I can already tell that he is going to be the one climbing all over the place. (something Thomas didn't ever really do)

This is BIG!

I cannot believe how big Alex continues to get.
He is in quite the hurry to catch up with his brother!

"Fourth of July"

It was so fun to have a day off with Damond. We hung out around the house, probably cleaned, rough housed (at least the boys) You know, just had some good family fun.
Early afternoon, we started out on our trek to Damond's brothers' house. (they live on the other side of the world... (surprise, AZ) :) We hadn't seen his brothers in a while so we were excited for fun! There's always lots of fun and lots of food at Farar Family Gatherings. Damond had volunteer to bring a LARGE slip and slide. The kids had a blast with it!!!
We didn't go see a fireworks show, but Thomas kind of enjoyed the (illegal) ones his uncle broght. I think they also kind of scared him :(
Thomas always loves playing with his cousins! and Alex likes "running" after them, too :D
Damond played Deluxe Boggle with his brothers and all the Sister-In Laws got around and chatted
Much Fun!
And as always, we missed the Farar's that had to celebrate elsewhere :(
I am grateful to live in this wonderful country, with all the freedoms it provides. I am grateful that my children don't think bombs and machine guns are a normal part of life. I am grateful for this land of opportunity!

"oh, where, oh where has Adriana gone?"

I KNOW! I KNOW! I have been severely lacking in the blog world. I plan to catch up. So plan on reliving the last of the summer with me :)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Warning: Long Post- (For my journal keeping)

June 27-29, 2008
Damond and I always talk about camping. We both love it and always say that we need to take the boys camping. Thomas has only been once before and that was with his Grandpa. So we finally had a weekend open and decided that we should go camping, but then we'd say, umm maybe not. We were really dragging our feet. (damond was working on his application and I, well, I like camping, but I have never been in charge of camping) so I didn't/couldn't plan it. So on tues I made the decision. It was just going to have to be one of those things you just do and then see how it goes :) If the food didn't work out, Burger King was not that far away :D
At the end of June, we went camping up in Sedona. We were VERY LUCKY! All the websites and park rangers say come early. Sedona fills up real fast. So I took the advice. My brother drove up with me and the boys. Damond would be driving up with his friend Matt after work.
We left around 5:00 in the morning. I thought that was early. I had actually planned to leave around 4:00, but Diego didn't get here on time :) I thought that was early enough, but apparently I was wrong. Anyways, we finally get to Sedona and the first campsite we see says, "full". Oh no. So we keep driving, "FULl! and again Full." Our fourth site, I don't see a sign, but I passed the entry way and had to drive a bit before I can turn around. The car behind me did see and turned in. By the time I got back there, the car behind us had pulled into the only spot left :( So I rolled down my window and crossed my fingers, "Ummm, are you planning on staying here?" she kind of hesitated and answered yes. She then asked me if I was the Camp Director ( i forget what they are called, but they are the people in charge of the campsite). For a split second, I think about saying, "Why yes I am. You cannot park there. You must leave and go somewhere else" :) I know, bad, but I had a car FULL!!!! of camping gear and two children getting very restless. I was getting desperate. BUT the good part of me won out. I said no and moved on. We then passed a couple more sites, all of which said... FULL! :( We kept driving in hopes, but we were halfway to Flagstaff and Thomas needed to go potty and Alex was really needing a bottle. (which we could not find! ) There was absolutely no space in the car and we knew it would be impossible to find without unpacking the whole car. Not going to happen, so I let Thomas pee on the side of the road :( Gross, but no other solution. My brother then made Alex a bottle in a sippy cup. At first he refused the sippy cup, but then must have realized, he's not that picky or just that hungry! We headed back to Sedona and once again pulled into Bootleggers camp. The previous girl in the NAU car was leaving. I shouted, Yeah! Only to see a little paper, that upon further inspection said the campsite was reserved :( So once again, we left. But on our way out (on the last spot) is the reservation paper saying they only payed for one night and would be leaving today. They only had a small tent out and their cooler. They looked packed up... hmmm... Check-out for camp sites is 1:00. hmmmm... but no one was around, so I decide to drive to Cottonwood and check out some other camp sites.
We really wanted to be by water, so once we got to Cottonwood, Diego went to check things out. He finally returned to the car and said he walked forever, could hear the water, but never was able to see it. :(
So we head back to Sedona, praying that last spot would be open. I had called the Ranger's office and they told me that Campsite was first come-first serve. By that time it was 11:30. I was really worried somebody else would get there first!
We finally get there around 12:15. The campsite hasn't been vacated. I start to fill out the reservation slips and pay my money when another camper comes up to fill one, too. I ask her how the whole system works. She tells me that they only paid for one night and were now going to pay for the second night. "Crap!" That means I need to find out if the people are really leaving before I pay. :( So, I become the camping spot stalker! Thomas has had enough of the car, so I ask Diego if he would take him down to the water.
This spot was so close to the creek and it had a water hole to swim in, it was PERFECT!

(well, the camp sites were really close together and the spot we wanted was just below the highway, but remember we were not in a position to be picky :D )
I started asking around if anyone knew who the people at the end were. I was told a young couple, who had been seenwalking down to the creek. So there I went, asking anyone about this couple.
Eventually I went back to spot to wait and wait. Finally I see a young lady. She turned out to be the one! She told me they were indeed leaving, probably not till two and that I could remove her reservation slip and put my own :) She was so nice, I didn't want to remind her that check-out was at one :-) Stalking and perseverance always prosper!
So hurried to find Diego and Thomas so I could pay. As I started to walk down, my feet slipped out from under me. I tried to protect Alex, so I kind of turned which made me land on my arm and behind. owwwww :( Somehow I am always falling when I on trips :(
Diego and I then head back into town for ice and a few other items, like a bottle. (It was not to be found and we figured out that I probably left it on top of the car and drove off)
While at the store, Alex dumped almost a whole cup of soda on himself. The nice check-out lady gave the boys balloons. Diego and I both had to go back in for replacements. Alex popped one and then while INSIDE the car, we see it fly out :)
Finally, we got back to the campsite and set up our mansion. Barbara lent us her tent that fits 30 people, just kidding, but it really is HUGE! Once camp was set up, we went down to explore the water hole. It was FREEZING! So much for exploring :) Well, Diego and Thomas tried, but Thomas is no longer a fan of freezing water. Alex liked it :-)
After my toes fell off, we went back to the campsite and started dinner. I was quite impressed with Diego, the Eagle Scout. He makes a very yummy tin foil dinner. Thomas had a lot of fun playing with the flashlight and he loved the tent. He was really tired and even though he tried really hard to stay awake for Dad, he finally asked me to put him to bed. It was then that Damond finally showed up.
So, of course, once Thomas heard Dad, he wanted to eat "frashmellows" :) We taught him how to roast marshmallows, but he liked them plain.
The next day, the boys woke up real early. Damond got up with them and I tried to go back to sleep, but the ground was real hard and I had tons of bruises from my fall.

We ate breakfast and walked down to the creek. Alex and Thomas loved playing with the rocks and water. There is no better toy than rocks, dirt, and water :)

We walked back up and Diego and Matt were Still Sleeping! They eventually woke up and we headed down to Slide Rock. I had never been before and it was really cool, but ICE cold! Thomas fell right off the bat (I don't know who he gets that from) and that plus the cold water, just did not entice him. Can you tell?

He did like walking on the rocks. Alex loved it ALL.

I wonder why little ones don't care about cold water? Thomas used to be like that... I wonder what changes?
I eventually slid down the rocks. It really helps if you just submerge yourself.
Damond, Diego, and Matt went cliff diving. They said it was really cool. Unfortunately, I didn't go that way, so no pictures :(
By the time, we left, there were alot of people. So we thought ten was a pretty good time to get there. Though next time, we might try to eat lunch there.

We eventually went to the water hole again. It was still freezing. I dove in and I almost went into shock, brrrrrrrr :(
There was a little cliff you could jump off at the water hole that the boys liked. Damond eventually convinced me to do it. I like cliff jumping, but the last couple of times I have done it, my ears start hurting real bad. :( So no more cliff jumping for me.

What a handsome fella!

Look at his toes... he loved it, but the coldness made his toes curl :D

I just told Thomas that he counted 123 way too fast for me to jump
I was being a chicken :)

I made my first dutch oven cobbler. It turned out pretty good. I was quite pleased :D
Thomas loved just about everything about camping. He got to throw rocks in water, there was tons of dirt to get dirty in (and believe me, he got dirty!) There is one picture where he is absolutely covered in dirt from head to toe. (He did Dirt Angels... front and back)
Diego found him a really cool stick. He was very sad to leave camping. I am really glad that we made ourselves do it and now I know that I am capable of camping. It was a much needed family weekend away :)

(I think Alex got really tired of us putting him in the playpen, so the evening we got home, he started walking :D )