Monday, June 30, 2008

For the beauty of the earth...

Sometimes I am just amazed at Mother Nature. I found another hummingbirds nest in my Oleanders. Right above my car, I noticed this tiny nest that made me wonder, "how in the worldt can it stay without falling off the small branch!" I kept seeing a Hummingbird fly around there and sometimes I would catch her sitting in it.
Last year I had seen one as well, but I never saw any babies. Though I had still taken it as a good sign, since it was right before I had Alex :)
I came home from work one day, I was talking to Damond, and all of a sudden I saw this little, tiny beak peak out from the nest. I squealed!!!
I had to get a better look and sure enough there were two little hummingbirds! While I was looking the mom was squawking at me and I was scared that she was going to poke my eyes out!
So it amazes me that they fit in the nest and that they don't die from the heat. I saw the mom feeding them, it was very cute!


The Mom watching over her babies...

If I go out there the mom is watching... vigilantly!

Ohhhh, the babies!

Can you believe their size? My hand is not that big!

They have grown up!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Water season begins...

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Tempe Splash Playground. It is one of Thomas' favorite places. (and now Alex's, too) In fact, last summer, we'd be driving on the 202 freeway, and about the time we'd be passing this park, he'd say " mommy, waterpark!" (You can't see the waterpark from the freeway.) The first time I thought it was a fluke, but after that every time we'd pass by it on the freeway, he would repeat it. Since then, I have noticed that he is pretty good with directions. Except sometimes, he stubbornly says, "this way, mommy! this Way!" when I know we have to go the opposite direction.
Anyways, it was pretty cold the evening we went, but the kids still loved it! I didn't get wet. Dad was a trooper and played with them in the cold water :)

Alex, posing...

Thomas loves being silly with Dad

Funny Faces


Must Catch Ball!

My Boys!


So I have been tagged. I thank Juliann for making me get going on my blogging again.

I've been tagged...Here are the rules:
1. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end, the player tags 5 others and posts their names.

Then goes to their blog and posts them a comment to let them know they've been tagged and asks them to read your blog to find out the details.

Let’s Begin:
1. What was I doing 10 years ago:
I was going to enter my sophomore year of high school. I was scared to drive my manual car that my dad had bought me. Which is funny, since most kids would have been jumping out of their seats to drive. I lived on a really busy street ( five lanes) and you usually had to reverse to pull out of the drive-way. It's a piece of cake now, but there are still people that park around the corner, so they don't have to park in our drive-way :)

2. Five things on my to-do list today:
1. Figure out health insurance :(
2. Tutor some chefs in the science of ordering food for a sports camp :)
3. Teach a friends son how to swim
4. make dinner :( Which I have no idea what it will be (maybe shrimp?)
5. make a very yummy dessert for FHE

3. If I were a billionaire I would:
buy some stock in oil ? ( or something to that effect) or maybe a Costco... :) but of course, I would also find many ways in which to help others (generally through education, because that is my philosophy. ( you know the proverb "feed a man a fish...)" and after that I would plan many trips and vacations for family and friends.

4. Bad Habbits: blogging too much, reading too much, not finding the time to exercise... the list could go on, but I don't want to bore you (nor embarrass myself further :)

5 Five places I have lived:
1. Mexico City
2. Concho, AZ
3. St. Johns, AZ
4. Phoenix, AZ
5. Paradise, IMD (in my dreams) :D

6 Jobs I have had:
1. Shoe Salesman
2. Associate at Aeropastle and American Eagle
3. Swim Instructor and Sports Camp Counselor/Food Coordinator
4. Nanny
5. most importantly, A mom!

Some of you may not like these, but I like reminiscing about old memories :)
So I tag, Suzy, Cody, Joan, Sandi, and Mary
And if you don't like these you don't have to do it :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here's to my favorite brother , DIEGO
I know he's my only brother, but he's still my favorite :)
This past week has been a whirlwind of activities...

A week ago, my brother graduated from high school. I can't believe that he is 18 and going off to ASU! I remember when he was just a tiny baby! Now he's a grown man, that I can only sometimes order around :) I am very proud of his accomplishments and all that he achieved while at Brophy College Prep. He graduated with a 4.2 GPA, received the Provost Scholarship, placed 4th in State, received the Distinguished Student Award... well the list goes on. Way to go, Diego. I am excited for all that you are going to do as a SUN DEVIL! The next important thing to getting your degree (and doing well) is having fun. College is the best! Enjoy this next step in your life. Always remember that Damond, the boys, and I love you very much! (You are their favorite uncle (#1 out of 7 this time! ) :)