Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Damond!

I was out of town for our anniversary, so I didn't get to write how much I love Damond and why...

It wasn't love at first sight, but I quickly started falling for him soon after :D I have always loved that we became such good friends first. We've had fun together ever since then, which is how it should be :D

I love what a wonderful person he is... one day he gave a person the shoes off his feet, but they person rejected them saying, the soles were rubber and would not last him long. But Damond was willing to do give up his shoes and I love that!

He is such a hard-worker in everything he does. He's not the kind of person to throw together a talk at the last minute... he dutifully ponders and studies what he going to be talking about.

He is such a good Dad! The boys absolutely ADORE their Dad. I love how they instantly run to the window or door as soon as they hear him or the truck when he gets home!

He always tries so hard to make me laugh when I am being grumpy. I fight hard to stay in my bad mood, but he is usually able to make me smile :D

He is such a good example to me. I think in any relationship, the other person should make you want to do better ( I don't think I expressed that correctly) ... the other person should lift you up instead of drag you down? (I think that's better)

The boys and I love you tons!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet! Chango! BIG!

This is sweet!

Thomas fell asleep like that :D

This is My Chango!

I can already tell that he is going to be the one climbing all over the place. (something Thomas didn't ever really do)

This is BIG!

I cannot believe how big Alex continues to get.
He is in quite the hurry to catch up with his brother!

"Fourth of July"

It was so fun to have a day off with Damond. We hung out around the house, probably cleaned, rough housed (at least the boys) You know, just had some good family fun.
Early afternoon, we started out on our trek to Damond's brothers' house. (they live on the other side of the world... (surprise, AZ) :) We hadn't seen his brothers in a while so we were excited for fun! There's always lots of fun and lots of food at Farar Family Gatherings. Damond had volunteer to bring a LARGE slip and slide. The kids had a blast with it!!!
We didn't go see a fireworks show, but Thomas kind of enjoyed the (illegal) ones his uncle broght. I think they also kind of scared him :(
Thomas always loves playing with his cousins! and Alex likes "running" after them, too :D
Damond played Deluxe Boggle with his brothers and all the Sister-In Laws got around and chatted
Much Fun!
And as always, we missed the Farar's that had to celebrate elsewhere :(
I am grateful to live in this wonderful country, with all the freedoms it provides. I am grateful that my children don't think bombs and machine guns are a normal part of life. I am grateful for this land of opportunity!

"oh, where, oh where has Adriana gone?"

I KNOW! I KNOW! I have been severely lacking in the blog world. I plan to catch up. So plan on reliving the last of the summer with me :)