Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Fourth of July"

It was so fun to have a day off with Damond. We hung out around the house, probably cleaned, rough housed (at least the boys) You know, just had some good family fun.
Early afternoon, we started out on our trek to Damond's brothers' house. (they live on the other side of the world... (surprise, AZ) :) We hadn't seen his brothers in a while so we were excited for fun! There's always lots of fun and lots of food at Farar Family Gatherings. Damond had volunteer to bring a LARGE slip and slide. The kids had a blast with it!!!
We didn't go see a fireworks show, but Thomas kind of enjoyed the (illegal) ones his uncle broght. I think they also kind of scared him :(
Thomas always loves playing with his cousins! and Alex likes "running" after them, too :D
Damond played Deluxe Boggle with his brothers and all the Sister-In Laws got around and chatted
Much Fun!
And as always, we missed the Farar's that had to celebrate elsewhere :(
I am grateful to live in this wonderful country, with all the freedoms it provides. I am grateful that my children don't think bombs and machine guns are a normal part of life. I am grateful for this land of opportunity!

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FarFam said...

Sounds like you had fun! Don't worry we will all be together next weekend! Woo Hoo1