Friday, November 20, 2009

The Rock

I wanted to write this down before I forgot it :D

Last Fri, we picked Damond up from school around eight (usually it's nine, but it's getting colder and darker, so I told Damond it needed to change... we'd still come home, put the kids to bed and then he could finish studying. Well, this time he got in the car and said, "let's get some ice cream." What? "You don't need to study?" I was flabbergasted :D unfortunately, there aren't any really close places by our house so I suggested just stopping at the store for ice cream and root beer :)
then he said, "how bout we get a movie and watch it as a family?" again, mouth hanging open :O the boys were SOOOOO EXCITED!
Anyways, we served up the floats and the movie began. We had decided on Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson. As it starts, Thomas says, "hey, look it's dad." It was the first shot of Dwayne Johnson! :)
My son thinks I married The Rock :) I had a good laugh :D I am sure Damond's head got a little bigger :D j/k
Personally, I think he kind of looks like Channing Tatum :) (shape of his head)
Either way, Damond's got both of them beat!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Anderson's Apple Orchard

Alex picking/ squishing raspberries :)

Thomas with his bag o' apples

What a great group of friends!

Trying hard to pull off the apples!

Thomas had his first Field Trip to the Apple Orchard...

For some reason, I got terribly lost and we were an hour late! Luckily our friends and his teachers waited for us. The boys loved picking the apples. It was fun to see them figure out where some of our food comes from. A lady we were with had the bright idea to see if there were still raspberries. It's been a long time since I've picked berries... it's so fun! Thomas liked eating unripe berries and Alex just liked picking them. The thorns didn't bother him at all! It was so cute to have him hand me a handful of squished berries. :)
I made jam and pies! YUMMM :)

At this point, I was still have a hard time adjusting to Student Parenting, but after this outing I talked to my SIL and I was able to buck up! Indiana is definitely growing on us. The fall weather and activities are so fun for the kids!

Never Ending Fun that is the Fall!

Back in September, Damond continued his studying like crazy and the boys and I started to live life as we know it in Indy. Thomas' first field trip was to Anderson's Apple Orchard. We had so much fun, we convinced Damond to go with us for a quick hour of fun :) (That's pretty much how we spend our family time... an hour or two here and there - we take it :) )
It was kind of foggy that day, but it's a beautiful spot with the orchard and then behind us was this creek and then across the creek more trees! By this time, we could tell that it was starting to cool down! (it's the beg. of Sept!!!! no more 115 degree weather for us :)