Monday, November 9, 2009

Never Ending Fun that is the Fall!

Back in September, Damond continued his studying like crazy and the boys and I started to live life as we know it in Indy. Thomas' first field trip was to Anderson's Apple Orchard. We had so much fun, we convinced Damond to go with us for a quick hour of fun :) (That's pretty much how we spend our family time... an hour or two here and there - we take it :) )
It was kind of foggy that day, but it's a beautiful spot with the orchard and then behind us was this creek and then across the creek more trees! By this time, we could tell that it was starting to cool down! (it's the beg. of Sept!!!! no more 115 degree weather for us :)

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EmilyCC said...

What fun! I remember those weekends of the 1-2 hour study breaks. I can't imagine juggling kids on top of the study breaks--your attitude is amazing, my friend!