Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Great Trip (the first leg)

The "Great" Trip
 7 States
AB, Canada
Multiple National Parks
over 5500 miles
over 90 hours in the car
all in 45 days.

(The First Leg)
Camping in the Laguna Mountains with Farar and Brown Families 
We played with cousins, ziplined, boy scouted, sang, popped popcorn, How can I have s'more when I haven't had any?, looked at stars, ate delicious food, got dirty as possible? Success :) 

Wreck it! Ralph 
Too much cuteness!
 Learning from the Master Chef
 Awesome Zip line
Working together
Where do you go when you want to clean up from camping?Mission Beach
Cheetos and sand? Yum!
Cute kids everywhere!
How I felt as I began to drive Highway 1...
all by myself...
with three boys!