Friday, September 24, 2010


When Grandpa Comes!
It's always fun when Grandpa comes,
When Grandpa comes, hooray!
He always says the "silliest" things,
and in the silliest way.
He has a funny, twinkly smile;
He's happy all the day.
It's always fun for everyone
When Grandpa comes!
By Marian Major

I changed the words a little bit, but this is exactly what my boys think!
We would love more than anything to have Grandpa come
or at least us go to him on this Special day.
We want to wish Grandpa a...

Grandpa and Thomas

Grandpa and Alex

These boys could not be any luckier to have a grandpa that LOVES them so much!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! We love you :D

When I asked them what they liked about Grandpa, Thomas answered," that he's silly" :)
When I asked what they liked to do with Grandpa, Thomas said "play hide and seek"
I must say they always have tons of fun playing hide and seek.
It's hilarious to watch!
Alex answered, "go swimming." :)
He is just one very fun GRANDPA!

We had a fun video, but it's not working so I will try again later.