Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Flew By!

It started out with a my nephew's birthday party. What a sweet boy! He is Thomas' "one and only friend" When I tell him that so and so is his friend and he needs to be nice, he replies by saying. "no, Danny is my friend!" Just can't seem to catch on that you can have more than one :) I love Danny and his siblings. We will miss them greatly when we move. The kids had tons of fun dancing.
We then went to Yuma for Damond's sister graduation. It was fun, family choas all weekend long. Thomas and Alex love to visit their grandparents and spend time with cousins. Alex kept saying, "Allison" all weekend long. She's his new bestfriend! :) Very cute!

I was very impressed by Thomas' older cousins. I am grateful that he has them for examples. They were so helpful and just so cute as they played with my younger boys!

And of course, we cannot forget Lauren and Kylee Sue! They are such cute sweeties. I always miss watching them grow up!

Thanks to Damond's cousin Bobby we were able to have a fun time swimming! It was quite warm in Yuma, so the boys wouldn't go outside and play :( Swimming was a much needed outside activity :)