Thursday, May 21, 2009

Children's Museum

I have a wonderful sister in law that finds about all of these cool things that are happening in Phoenix, yet she lives in Yuma! Anyways she told me about this Culture Pass that you can get through your library. It admits up to four people to different cultural places for example, museums. There are alot of places that I would love to take the boys, but I can't because they cost too much.
Anyways, I had been dying to take them to the Phoenix Children's Museum, because I had heard such good reviews for little ones. We lucked out one morning and Damond got the last culture pass for the Children's Museum! :) Yeah!!!!! It was so much fun. Unfortunately, Damond had a scouting event that morning so we didn't get there til noon, otherwise the boys and I could have stayed there all day!
The activities were perfect for young children (even for dads:) ) I had so much fun just watching them :) If we weren't moving I would probably invest in the annual pass. I would do that over the zoo.

I loved that they made this out of things you can find at home!

Alex loves to help me cook, so of course, he loved the Kitchen area :)

They loved racing through the carwash!

But their all time favorite activity was, nothing other than racing cars
(pvc pipe cars that were really cool!)

They were in heaven!!!!!!

And Damond was sleeping :)

We were lucky to have Mimi's with us! The boys love her so much!!!!
and it's always helpful to have one more set of hands and eyes ;)
It's impossible to get both of these boys to sit long enough for a good picture,
especially if there are race cars nearby!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Boy!

Funny Boy- Story I
On Sat we went to the zoo (hopefully I'll post about that later) As we were pulling into the parking lot, I hear Thomas say, " Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth." It's not the first time he has said that. He usually says it if we are pointing out "earthy" things to him. I think I have really drilled that into the Sunbeam class :) Anyways, again he says, "Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth " but with more excitement. "Back there. There it is. Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth!" I look up to where he is pointing and sure enough there is a huge EARTH statue in front of the zoo. :D He was so excited to finally "See" the earth that Heavenly Father and Jesus created!

Funny Boy- Story II
We went to the water park today. On the way home I hear Thomas say, "I found Heavenly Father. He was standing back there by the flower place."
We were driving past a cemetary (hence the flower place" and Heavenly Father was either a statue of Jesus or some saint. (I think it's a catholic cemetary. :)

Funny Boy- Story III

A friend reminded me of another story. A long time ago, I was in Costco with Thomas (this may have been before alex) he was sitting up front when I see him point to the person behind us and say, "Mom, it's Jesus." I turned around and there was a middle eastern man behind us. I think he was far enough behind us that he may not have heard. (I'm not sure if he was Christian, he just had a beard and wore that loose linen outfits) Kind of embarrassing, but just one of those very innocent moments :)

I think Thomas must be at an age where he really wants to "see" everything to know that it's true :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Damond is AWESOME!!!!!

(always working hard) :)
Can I just tell you how PROUD of Damond I am right now?!!!!!
I can't get ahold of him, but I just read in his email that he has been awarded a partial scholarship to IU Med School. I think he's felt kinda bad that U of A waitlisted him, but this validates all of his hard work, experience, and just all around good qualities. The WildCats can... well, I can't completely write them off, since I hope we get to come back for residency :)
but, let's just say it's their loss COMPLETELY!

Damond, way to go!!!!!!

PS. I don't mean to brag, but I can't get ahold of him or any of my family and needed to tell somebody!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's hot!!!!!!!!!
We have been trying to save money and so we decided to try to live without the AC. I have also been a bit of a murmurer on this (poor Damond, he's been living with quite a grouch lately)
and although, I like to make it seem like it's Damond, I don't want to pay more on our electricity bill either! :(

So it's very hot, 91degrees, most likely even more since the thermostat is in the coolest part of the house! :)
Don't worry, if you come visit, I won't make you suffer :)
Visitors = AC on, so..... PLEASE COME VISIT :D

Time is Flying!!!

Well, since it's been SOOOOOOOO long since I last posted, I thought I better catch up :) at least with the important stuff :)

Still not sure where exactly, but we are hoping to know by the end of the week :) and it better be in INDIANAPOLIS!
July 31st!!!!!!! I can't believe it either :)
Well, that's a funny question :) Moving is expensive :( so we have decided to sell all the furniture (minus the bunk beds) and hopefully fit everything else into a large pick-up, then that pick-up will pull a trailer with our car
I have been having a very hard time with this :( but then I tell myself to stop being like Laman and Lemual, to think about the pioneers, or to pretend we are being called on a mission overseas and so forth.... how would you deal with this situation?
Well, in case, I haven't talked to you in awhile, Damond has been accepted into Med school :)