Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's hot!!!!!!!!!
We have been trying to save money and so we decided to try to live without the AC. I have also been a bit of a murmurer on this (poor Damond, he's been living with quite a grouch lately)
and although, I like to make it seem like it's Damond, I don't want to pay more on our electricity bill either! :(

So it's very hot, 91degrees, most likely even more since the thermostat is in the coolest part of the house! :)
Don't worry, if you come visit, I won't make you suffer :)
Visitors = AC on, so..... PLEASE COME VISIT :D


Jacob and DeaAnna said...

good luck with that! there is no way I could last.

EmilyCC said...

Oh, I forgot--I was supposed to have you over today! Want to try tomorrow?

91 degrees? I think we should call you Adriana Curtis :)

FarFam said...

Um....that's crazy! I couldn't do it!