Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Boy!

Funny Boy- Story I
On Sat we went to the zoo (hopefully I'll post about that later) As we were pulling into the parking lot, I hear Thomas say, " Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth." It's not the first time he has said that. He usually says it if we are pointing out "earthy" things to him. I think I have really drilled that into the Sunbeam class :) Anyways, again he says, "Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth " but with more excitement. "Back there. There it is. Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth!" I look up to where he is pointing and sure enough there is a huge EARTH statue in front of the zoo. :D He was so excited to finally "See" the earth that Heavenly Father and Jesus created!

Funny Boy- Story II
We went to the water park today. On the way home I hear Thomas say, "I found Heavenly Father. He was standing back there by the flower place."
We were driving past a cemetary (hence the flower place" and Heavenly Father was either a statue of Jesus or some saint. (I think it's a catholic cemetary. :)

Funny Boy- Story III

A friend reminded me of another story. A long time ago, I was in Costco with Thomas (this may have been before alex) he was sitting up front when I see him point to the person behind us and say, "Mom, it's Jesus." I turned around and there was a middle eastern man behind us. I think he was far enough behind us that he may not have heard. (I'm not sure if he was Christian, he just had a beard and wore that loose linen outfits) Kind of embarrassing, but just one of those very innocent moments :)

I think Thomas must be at an age where he really wants to "see" everything to know that it's true :)


EmilyCC said...

Love those stories! (Asher thinks everyone with a beard is Jesus--great minds think alike :) )

FarFam said...

So cute! I miss you guys!

Mary said...

Ha! Well, congrats on med school and a big move and that cute little Thomas--what a sweetie.

Indiana--what an adventure. I look forward to checking in and finding out all about it!

Cady said...

Oh, what a sweet testimony little Thomas is developing, due to the wonderful example of his parents!

Joan said...

First of all: you are a SERIOUS pioneer to not have your A/C on?! I mean, how do you survive? We had ours set at 78 degrees last summer when I was pregnant with Max and this year when I decided to be "frugal" I set it at 80 degrees. You put me to SHAME! haha.
I am excited for your upcoming adventure! Are you going to sell your house?