Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time is Flying!!!

Well, since it's been SOOOOOOOO long since I last posted, I thought I better catch up :) at least with the important stuff :)

Still not sure where exactly, but we are hoping to know by the end of the week :) and it better be in INDIANAPOLIS!
July 31st!!!!!!! I can't believe it either :)
Well, that's a funny question :) Moving is expensive :( so we have decided to sell all the furniture (minus the bunk beds) and hopefully fit everything else into a large pick-up, then that pick-up will pull a trailer with our car
I have been having a very hard time with this :( but then I tell myself to stop being like Laman and Lemual, to think about the pioneers, or to pretend we are being called on a mission overseas and so forth.... how would you deal with this situation?
Well, in case, I haven't talked to you in awhile, Damond has been accepted into Med school :)


Sandi said...

We'll see you in Idaho this summer then for sure. Congrats again to you guys!

Heather Farar said...

You're so brave! Hopefully you've gotten as much done now as you can. I've thought about getting rid of most of our stuff too, but I don't like the idea of having to replace it knowing how much our student loans are so we may end up moving most of it again. I hope we get to connect up before we move!

Mauzy Fam said...

That is so exciting!! Hard, but exciting. You'll do great and have to keep up on your blog more so everyone knows how it's going!

FarFam said...

I think you are moving to far away. I don't like it...not one bit!

little mama said...

It's so crazy, but adventures are always worth it in the end, I think. I'm just so glad Damond gets to get on with his schooling and go further down that path. I think it's great.

We'll miss you, though! Soon the blog will be even more important so everyone can see how you are doing, and how the kids are growing!

And, moving stinks. Wish it were easier.

DaNell said...

Brag away, how great for your family. What a great adventure awaits you all. We wish you all the best in the upcoming months of moving and settling.