Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Week- Grissom Air Museum

The first week we were in Indiana, we drove by this museum. Unfortunately, it was closed, but the boys were fascinated by all the Jets they could see through the fence.

During Damond's break, we decided that it would be a fun day trip. And it was! It was so interesting to see all these historic planes up close and learn more about them.

The inside of this small museum was filled with parts of large airplanes, many little airplanes encased, and other stuff :D Obviously, the big planes the kids could climb into were their favorites!

The above picture is a little too foreshadowing for me... I don't think I could handle my kids signing up for the armed forces! ( I doubt many mother's can)

Two week of Nothing, BUT FUN!!!!!

After, Damond completed his last final we picked him up from school and were able to spend just over two weeks doing nothing, but having fun! The boys were in heaven and I was so happy to have my husband and bestfriend back! The pregnancy had been kicking my butt and we were all just doing our best to survive! He let me sleep in, he prepared all the meals, and spent hours and hours playing with the boys :) That was really nice, since I hardly took them out once I got sick. Sometimes, I would be so sad to not be celebrating with them, that I'd make myself go with them and just throw up in the car. Just the way it goes around here :/
All I know, is that those two weeks flew by so quickly, but they left behind much needed fun time and memories!

MSI - Complete

From my spot on the couch, I heard Damond close his textbook for the last time of his first year and realized that I had not documented his countless hours of doing this! studying til his brains were going to pass out :) so I quickly got up and made him pretend to study so we wouldn't forget the monumental task he completed!!!

MSI- check!

MS II- Here we come!

Funny story about studying: In moving out to Indiana, we decided/had to downsize to one car. Now this could have been pretty awful, but WE ARE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR OUR FRIENDS, THE KINGLER'S! They live in our complex and Ken was a second year. Day after day, Ken would pick Damond up. First semester, Damond studied late at school, so the boys and I would go pick him up right before bed time. Second semester, again I was so grateful that Damond could get a ride home from Ken, since I was so sick :( We will forever be in debt to the Kinglers for this service, all their advice throughtout the year, and the many delicious meals Marty brought over!

Back to the funny story:

Every time we'd pick up Damond from school, Thomas would ask him what he had been doing so late or maybe it was a Saturday and he'd want Damond to play outside with him, Damond's response 95% of the time was, "sorry, I was studying/need to study". It was probably the end of Oct, if not Nov, when Thomas asks me, 'what's studying?" At the time, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh, because for so long we had been giving him that answer and he'd never questioned it before. Cry, because for so long, there was this thing called "studying" that was always consuming his dad's time and he didn't question it. I think laughing won :) I found this year, it was always better to find the bright side or I would lose my sanity :D

Second funny story: Whenever we'd pick up Damond from school, Damond would always ask Thomas what he'd learned at school. Thomas, eventually figured out that Damond also went to "school" (He really liked looking at Damond's textbooks) so he began to ask Damond the same question. Damond would answer," about bones, germs, function of kidneys, ect. Apparentely both of the boys were listening, because by the end of the year, as soon as Damond would walk in, Alex would shout, "what'd you learn body, dad?"
In our own way, we all learned about medical school and studying this year :D

1st Year Done and # 3 on the way!

Basically, that is what's been going on around here :)

I had been waiting to go to the doctor before posting about our "News", but since the system is so messed up out here and I have yet to see a doctor :( I decided to share. Ok, most likely everyone already knows since I don't hide my pregnancy's very well :D
We will be sure to let everyone know what we are having once we get to the doctor :) and although you may think I really want a girl, I actually really want another boy! ;)
How could I not, when I have such cuties like this? :D

Damond successfully completed his 1st year of med school!!!! Yeah! Thomas still asks him if he has to go and study :) We are enjoying a lot of time together!

Just like my other pregnancies, I have been very sick and spend most of my time laying on the couch. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such service oriented members of our ward/friends that have helped us immensely these last couple of months!
Because of all the couch time, I have become quite the TV bum :D (well, at least after the boys are in bed), but now my shows are over :( so when I am not working on camp stuff, I am going to see if I can blog my heart away :) We shall see how this turns out. It would be nice if I could get caught up before baby arrives at the end of Oct. (wishful thinking, right) ;)