Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Year Done and # 3 on the way!

Basically, that is what's been going on around here :)

I had been waiting to go to the doctor before posting about our "News", but since the system is so messed up out here and I have yet to see a doctor :( I decided to share. Ok, most likely everyone already knows since I don't hide my pregnancy's very well :D
We will be sure to let everyone know what we are having once we get to the doctor :) and although you may think I really want a girl, I actually really want another boy! ;)
How could I not, when I have such cuties like this? :D

Damond successfully completed his 1st year of med school!!!! Yeah! Thomas still asks him if he has to go and study :) We are enjoying a lot of time together!

Just like my other pregnancies, I have been very sick and spend most of my time laying on the couch. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such service oriented members of our ward/friends that have helped us immensely these last couple of months!
Because of all the couch time, I have become quite the TV bum :D (well, at least after the boys are in bed), but now my shows are over :( so when I am not working on camp stuff, I am going to see if I can blog my heart away :) We shall see how this turns out. It would be nice if I could get caught up before baby arrives at the end of Oct. (wishful thinking, right) ;)


taryn said...

congrats on #3!!! we're so excited for you! and excited that you've updated your blog! congrats to damond on finishing his first year! what an accomplishment... for both of you! glad to hear you're all doing well. are you past the sickness yet? i'm so sorry that you've been so miserable!

Zip said...

yes, you just blog your heart out, but not your stomach. since it's probably already empty ;( love the pictures and the posts ;)

J. said...

Congratulations! Okay, I did already know but I'm so glad you blogged about it so now I don't have to feel bad a spilling the beans to other people. Are you going to camp in you sick state?