Monday, May 31, 2010

Two week of Nothing, BUT FUN!!!!!

After, Damond completed his last final we picked him up from school and were able to spend just over two weeks doing nothing, but having fun! The boys were in heaven and I was so happy to have my husband and bestfriend back! The pregnancy had been kicking my butt and we were all just doing our best to survive! He let me sleep in, he prepared all the meals, and spent hours and hours playing with the boys :) That was really nice, since I hardly took them out once I got sick. Sometimes, I would be so sad to not be celebrating with them, that I'd make myself go with them and just throw up in the car. Just the way it goes around here :/
All I know, is that those two weeks flew by so quickly, but they left behind much needed fun time and memories!


EmilyCC said...

You guys have such a crazy year--2 weeks of nothing sounds so necessary!

J. said...

Have fun! You deserve it!