Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Anyways, it's not that big of news anymore, since it happened a week ago, but then again, IT IS!!

Last Tues, he flew to Indianna for an interview. He has had several in the past month... hard financially, hard on his work, hard on me and the kids, and hard for him, because he had to do them :D, but we were grateful that so many schools wanted to check him out. We kept hoping that it would mean GREAT THINGS! Well, it DID! So he came back the following evening.
The kids and I waited all day to go get him. Alex was being kind of fussy and I had to dance with him for about an hour, right before we left for the airport. I kept getting this feeling to check the mail, but I didn't. I also thought several times throughout the day that I needed to charge the camera, but I didn't! I kept debating about going to the airport early and meeting Damond outside the gate, but Alex was being so fussy, that I didn't think I'd be able to handle it in public :) So we didn't.
We finally head out and I decide to check the mail. I immediately noticed this BIG envelope from the MEDICAL COLLEGE OF WISCONSIN. It felt heavier and more important than all the rejection letters we got last year, that I just had an inkling... hmmmm.... and then I saw the gold sticker on the back with their emblem. I just knew... well, sort of... but who sends an envelope with a gold sticker, if they are going to, "no, thank you"? So I ran back in the house to get the camera, but it was not charged! ughh! then I went for the camcorder and it wasn't charged either! ughhh! I was so mad at myself!
I picked Damond up. He talked to the boys and kind of told me how the interview went. We pulled into Costco Gas and I couldn't wait any longer! I brought out the envelope and he at first didn't want to open it, but he did :) and then we were jumping up and down, yelling... laughing...hugging :D It was a moment... I wish I had on camera!!!!! :) oh, well.
We were both so relieved to know that our efforts, (mostly his) had paid off. We are going somewhere next year! We don't have to do this process again!
The kids were excited with us, though they just think they have silly parents that get excited over mail :)
One sweet moment: we went to my parents house to tell them and when my Mom told Damond Congratulations, he said," WE did it. I couldn't have done it without her" He is so sweet to me!
Moral of the story: Never give up! Have Faith!
Lesson of the story: Always have your cameras charged!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuse Me!!!!

UGHHHHHH! This story makes me sick to my stomache!!!!!!

Yesterday, we went to the library as a family. Damond had headed to the children's section with the boys and I went to go pick up my Holds and browse the movies. Damond came running with the two boys that Thomas needed to go to the bathroom (he didn't know they had family bathrooms back there)
Anyways, we headed to the restrooms. Damond took Thomas to the boys room. I was in the bathroom hallway with Alex and he started to say, "Dad?" But then he noticed the echo, so of course, he repeated, "Dad" "Dad" It was kind of loud... I was starting to direct him inside the girls room, when I heard someone yell from inside. I thought, maybe they think Alex is their child calling for them.
We walk in and there is an older lady standing at the mirror and she mutters something about your child... So I say "Excuse me?" She turns to me and says, " can't you quiet your baby down? This is a library."
This is the part where I went into shock, because I generally don't get rude or tongue-tied when people are rude... I just can never understand when people dislike children and the noise they make.
anyways again... I reply, "he's just a a baby.'
Rude Lady: " You can still tell him to shhhh and quiet him down" (she didn't know that I was about to try to distract him by singing a song, because he is just in that stage where he likes his voice)
Me: "He was just listening to his echo."
Rude Lady: " This is a library. People come here for the quiet."
Me: "We were walking into the bathroom..."
Rude Lady interrupts: It is still the bathroom. You can teach him to be quiet..." (I think I zoned her out, because I couldn't believe how she was treating us and that we were having this conversation!"
Rude Lady starts walking out:" Teach your child to shhh, POR FAVOR!" WITH AS MUCH RUDENESS AND ENGLISH ACCENT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!
ME: " EXCUSE ME?!!!!!!"
I am generally a diplomatic person, but had I not been holding my son and been completely insulted into shock, I may have gone after the lady and lost my library card :)
If I am in the library, I will shhh my kids, but we were walking into the bathroom! and she was yelling herself at my son! in the bathroom! which is in the library!!!!!!
I thought people read books to enlighten and open their minds, but unfortunately racism still excists!!!!!!!!