Thursday, May 21, 2009

Children's Museum

I have a wonderful sister in law that finds about all of these cool things that are happening in Phoenix, yet she lives in Yuma! Anyways she told me about this Culture Pass that you can get through your library. It admits up to four people to different cultural places for example, museums. There are alot of places that I would love to take the boys, but I can't because they cost too much.
Anyways, I had been dying to take them to the Phoenix Children's Museum, because I had heard such good reviews for little ones. We lucked out one morning and Damond got the last culture pass for the Children's Museum! :) Yeah!!!!! It was so much fun. Unfortunately, Damond had a scouting event that morning so we didn't get there til noon, otherwise the boys and I could have stayed there all day!
The activities were perfect for young children (even for dads:) ) I had so much fun just watching them :) If we weren't moving I would probably invest in the annual pass. I would do that over the zoo.

I loved that they made this out of things you can find at home!

Alex loves to help me cook, so of course, he loved the Kitchen area :)

They loved racing through the carwash!

But their all time favorite activity was, nothing other than racing cars
(pvc pipe cars that were really cool!)

They were in heaven!!!!!!

And Damond was sleeping :)

We were lucky to have Mimi's with us! The boys love her so much!!!!
and it's always helpful to have one more set of hands and eyes ;)
It's impossible to get both of these boys to sit long enough for a good picture,
especially if there are race cars nearby!


Mauzy Fam said...

Sounds like fun!! I'll have to check it out. Your boys are so cute. I bet my boys would love it too.

Kate said...

We went there for the first time too. It was super fun. My kids LOVED it.

EmilyCC said...

I keep meaning to do this (both the Cultural Pass and the Children's Museum)--glad it gets the Farar stamp of approval :)

FarFam said...

How fun! I really want to take Lauren, but every time we go to Phx, we are doing a million other things instead! Glad the Pass worked out for you!

Taryn said...

That sounds awesome, I'll have to take Bentley there when she gets a little older!

Oh and about the farm, I'll be on vacation with my husbands fam on the 4th and also my family is all going up there in August on their way from picking up Kyle off his mish! Thats a bummer though, I'd really like to go when everyones there :(