Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's the middle of Sept!

Can you believe Fall is around the corner? I need a pause day/week to try to get caught up :D

To start off, after I made my last resolution to catch up in the blogging world, our computer went Crazy! It's really not fun to live without the world wide web :( Damond couldn't work on applications... I couldn't check email (just occasionally at my parents)... I couldn't blog or READ other people's blogs... I couldn't google to find recipes, ect. but on the other hand it did make it easier to get things done :)

Damond and I spent our Birthday with my family. We had a friend take us out for a wonderful steak dinner. YUMMMM! Melt in your mouth steak is one of my favorite foods!
Thomas was totally confused, because when he woke up, Damond told him to run and tell me Happy Birthday. He did and then I proceeded to tell him it to wish Damond a Happy Birthday. He looked at me funny, and with a "mom your silly" kind of smile he said, "No, it's Mommies Birthday!" :D It was just too much for him to consider. Two birthdays... No way!

My parents computer got stolen :( with my grandma SLEEPING in her room! So we are VERY THANKFUL nothing happened to her. (but it also meant no more computer access at all) ( I know really small in the whole scheme of things, but it helps keep me sane)

The following weekend we went down to Tucson for Damond's cousins' baby blessing. They are a very fun and funny family. So it's always nice to hang out with them! They happen to live right by UofA so if we have to move down there, we know where to live! :D

I didn't think I would mind moving to Tucson, but going down there made the possibity sink in... So I am praying even harder that we will get into the UofA Downtown Campus.

Then we had a MEGA FARAR FAMILY Weekend! Damond's brother and family came to stay with us. He is a computer genious! We are forever grateful to him, because he was able to fix our computer and he stayed up till three doing it! THANKS Dean and LINSEY for letting us borrow him :) On Sat, our niece got baptized. She was beautiful in her white dress. (It made me think ahead to the future when she'll wear another white dress) I told her it better be a loooooong time! After the baptism, everyone got together at his brothers house. 76 PEOPLE! I think 71 was family and the others were friends. It was CRAZY, CHAOTIC, OVERWHELMING, FOOD and GAMES GALORE, and so much FUN! It's always fun to play and watch all the cousins. And we will have three more cousins by JAN! The next day the same brother blessed their baby. And the CRAZINESS repeated itself. Can you believe the end of the day the house was still standing! Thanks D2 Farars'! I hope you take it as a compliment that so many people love the spirit of your house :)

Damond interviewed at UofA Downtown the following morning. He thinks it went well... You just never know! Unfortunately, they told him they would notify him Dec through Feb! I don't think I can wait that long!!!!! :(
Life is now starting to quiet down and I hope to get myself on a schedule. I am starting to run again... My goal is to run a 5K in Nov, then a 1/2 marathon in Feb. and if I am crazy enough, a marathon late spring! Anyone interested? :D


Thorsons said...

I'm so sad I missed that great Farar Family get-together. Those are always fun! Your boys are growing quick! Happy Belated Bday to both of you! I love it when my kids start picking up on what bdays are and love to hear their birthday wishes for me. Enjoy Fall!

Alice said...

Welcome back. I am so glad your computer in fixed.
You have the biggest family ever. It would be so much fun and at the same time chaotic.
I miss you too. About my Mexico shoes, I will keep them forever. I get so many compliments on them. It was a fun time with you. Good luck to Damond with school.

Mauzy Fam said...

Sounds like a lot of fun times!! Your boys are so cute. You've taken some really adorable pictures of them. How funny that you have the same Birthday. It's probably kind of like a 2nd anniversary?? Happy Birthday!

Suzy Farar said...

I'm glad to hear the Damond's interview went well! I've been wondering.... I know how hard it is to wait,aaahhh! Hopefully you'll be occupied with the Holidays coming up!

cfarar said...

Cute pictures of the boys! Keep us posted on Damond and how things go.

Mary said...

Wow! Isn't funny how life is different without a computer? I'm glad to catch up with you though! Yeah for all the family fun. And I had forgotten about you sharing the same birthday. Really, your little guy's response is hysterical!