Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random happenings!

Alex has been slowly adjusting to one a day naps. He usually does ok, but I guess this morning he was so tired he fell asleep like this while he was reading and eating a snack ... so sweet!

My parents got Alex this outfit and I have been so sad to see him grow out of it! He is getting so big! He weighed 27 lbs for his fifteen month check up!

This was the first time Damond had gone out to interview and so we met him, late, at the airport. Little boys must crawl into, over, under anything that comes their way :D

Here's Alex trying to make the Front Page Headline! :)
We were uplifted during the semi annual Conference! It was a blast to be able to meet up with family. As always there is a lot of chaos, but all in good fun :) Thomas loves to hear he's going to meet up with cousins!

Alex found this B-ball, while at D2's house and he didn't let go of it for the rest of the night. He quietly held the ball and watched Dad play football with his brothers... he and the ball were one!
I chose this picture, because all though it was craziness on the trampline and his life was in danger, he HELD onto the ball! It was very cute!

Alex loves his yogurt!

The boys were being silly!


FarFam said...

I love that you took them to the airport in their pajamas!! I wish I could go our in public in my pajamas!!

little mama said...

Those boys are too too cute!
And I love Thomas' pumpkin below - a VERY thorough painting job!

Mauzy Fam said...

cute kiddos!

DaNell said...

That first picture of Alex asleep is the cutest thing.

Alice said...

Those laughs are so addicting. Thanks for the videos. We miss you.

Bianca said...

Your kids are so cute. I know James would love to play with Alex! Too bad I didn't get too chat with you when we ran past you at the lake. I am running the turkey trot with friends and we've been training.

EmilyCC said...

Those dads know the funnest (and silliest games)!

Mary said...

I love the way Alex smacked his lips sucking off the yogurt. Little kids are too cute.

That nap transition from two to one is so tricky! Glad to hear he just falls asleep. Bridget just went insomniac and didn't sleep for almost two days until she finally crashed after screaming for a few hours. :)