Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Story

I got tagged a long time ago... I finally decided to do it. I guess I am feeling nostalgic.

Sorry, it's more for me... I got really into in and wrote alot of details :D

1. Where did you first meet your husband?
I met him at an Institute Men & Women Association Activity through our Elder Quorum's President. Wordy, but true. :) I was involved in the association and Damond just came for free food.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?

"Hi, nice to meet you," maybe "welcome to the ward" nothing spectacular, in fact I think we both kind of brushed it off...

At the time, I had been talking to the Elder's Quorum President and he said, "Hey, have you met Damond, he's new in our ward?" I can remember that he was wearing an England soccer jersey and that I was wearing a brown fleece hoodie (one of my favorites). I will tell you one of the first things I heard a girl say to him... we were at an FHE activity maybe a week later. At the end, a bunch of us were sitting around and a girl walked up to him and said, "I just wanted to let you know, you're really cute!" Damond, was stunned and maybe said, "thanks." and she walked away. I was trying so hard not to laugh. :) needless to say, for awhile I thought he must be very sure of himself, with comments like that!

3. Where was your first date?
Both of us tried really hard to be friends at first. So we hung out alot (generally as a group) and talked at the institute. Another funny story: We were going to meet up at a dance/party, so when we talked to get directions, he told me he was going to go to the Chinese Cultural Center. I told him that I had never been there and he invited me along. We met there and since he hadn't eaten, he got quizno's. While eating, he got a phone call from his brother. This is what I hear... "Hey, how are you? yeah, things are going good."" UMMM, UMMM, I'm on a dddd-date." (He quickly peaks at me) "uh huh. yeah, I'd love to come to dinner. Bye" Again, trying so hard not to laugh. :D I didn't know what it was either, but it was fun to see him squirm.

So technically, we say it was a night we hiked up A mountain and talked for a really long time!

4. Where was your first kiss?
At the institute. I had previously decided he wasn't into me. Just friends kind of thing. Funny story: Well, at the time, it wasn't for me. We had gone snowboarding with a friend. I had a really hard time. I only made it down once, successfully. He, on the other hand mastered it on his first run. So I spent most of the day, on my bum, watching him and my friend. We eventually went on a run together. On the ski lift he said something to the effect that I was like a LITTLE SISTER to him! I took that as an obvious message! So I decided to try to spend less time with him so as to get back on our "just friends" track. Apparently he was thinking the opposite! Several days later, we had been studying, really late, at the Cumputer Commons and as he walked me to my car, out of the blue asked if he could kiss me! I said, "NO!" just kidding! " of course I said, yes. Which surprised me since it had been about five years since I'd let anyone else kiss me. I was really selective! Which turned out really well for me :D

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?

Well, this gets tricky :) Let's see we met at the end of Jan. He kissed me the end of March. Four days later asked me, "what my thoughts were on getting married?" Officially proposed beginning of May. Got married early August. I try to deny it, but it was pretty whirlwind!

Another funny story: Before I let him kiss me again (remember my selectiveness) I established our itemness (or thought I had). Two days later we went to his brother's wedding reception, where I met almost all of his family! He introduces me as his FRIEND! WHAT?!!!! I wasn't quite sure what to make of that... so the next day when he say's he has to talk to me," I start thinking "he wants to break up" Nope! he says he feels like he should propose! Backwards, I tell you! The whole courtship was backwards :D

6. Where did you get engaged?

On top of A mountain. We had just attended an IM&WA activity. It was the first time I had gotten mad at him. We had played ultimate frisbee and I thought he let me catch the winning touchdown. I was kind of mad and he took me to Bahama Bucks. That sweetened me up a bit :) He then asked if I wanted to climb A Mountain with him. I started to get that "feeling", but I thought, "no way. I am all sweaty... and gross. He wouldn't." But he did :) ( that was the only thing Damond had to add) :D

7. Where were you married?

In the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was absolutely perfect! For time and all eternity. He's that special!

Since, it can't be without a funny story: I was at the hair stylist that morning and her curling iron blew up! What are the chances?

8. How was the Honeymoon?

Perfect! We went to Puerto Vallarta. It was so nice to get away, just the two of us, after a summer of wedding craziness! Last funny story: We were about to land when Damond looked out the window and said, "wow! I never realized Mexico was so green!" :D He was so used to Border/Northern Mexico. So it was nice to enlighten him and show him the Mexico I loved!

As you see I had a lot of fun with this.. so I tag anyone that wants to go down memory lane :) I would love to hear everyone's funny stories! :)


Mauzy Fam said...

Loved it!! I didn't know any of this so it was definately a fun read!! YOu guys are so cute. Love your story.

FarFam said...

So sweet...I should do the same...our story might take some time...maybe the drama of dating/engagement/getting married is just something that runs in the Farar family!

Alice said...

That was so fun to read. Thanks for enlightening me :) Loved it.

Jacob and DeaAnna said...

How fun!! Thanks for sharing.

EmilyCC said...

What a cute post! Definitely a worthwhile tag to do :)

Liz said...

What a super sweet story! Loved the pictures that went with it.

Kristin Hamblin said...

Cute blog! I always wondered what your story was. Your boys are so cute. Here is my email address. Send me your email and I will give you persmission for my blog too.

Bianca said...

You are hilarious. I remember stories from Kaliska & Josie. Fun to hear different versions ;)

Mary said...

Oh I LOVE it! It's just crazy to me how we finally find eachother and work through all that crazy weird akwardness to actually getting married!

You two are a great couple.

Suzy Farar said...


IT was fun to ready "your story". It would be interesting to hear it from Damond's point of view. I remember that he called me and Cody asking for advice ( I think it was when he was thinking of proposing!) I remember when I met you at Dallin's reception too, and telling Damond that you were a keeper!!! I'm so glad that you are a part of the family!!