Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks and Love

Last week I was really trying to contemplate what I was thankful for in my life... makes sense since it was Thanksgiving :)
I am grateful for my family and friends, but I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. It is what gives meaning to my family and friends.

... this past week, I was given a wake-up call!

On Monday, I went to work and seriously all day long, I could not stop thinking about my friend that is battling cancer, her parents, and her husband. I have thought about them alot over the last couple of months, but I was overcome on Mon. So that evening, when I finally got a free moment, I emailed a cousin of hers to find out if she knew of anything we could do for them.

Tues was a very crazy day, I did not get to my email til late that evening... her cousin informed me that they brought her home the night before and hospice was going to take over. Her body can not handle any more chemo treatments. But she informed me that she is in peace. Typical Susan. She is one of those people that shines and exemplifies a great attitude.... I cried, (I cry about every time I read her blog- whether they were happy or sad tears). She found out about her cancer 6 months ago! She is 25/26: my age! She was so healthy. She was an outstanding collegiate athlete who took great care in her body. But most importantly, she brightened a room any time she walked in. When she got married 11 months ago... I thought her husband must be glad that her Dad was the singles ward bishop otherwise she would have been snatched up the minute she joined (totally joking) She fully embodies beauty, inside and out.

I am grateful that I have knowledge about the plan of salvation. I am grateful that I know she is part of an eternal family. and even though I am crying, I am grateful that in her own way she has taught me that life and time are precious. Dishes and clean floors are not a priority. My children are! Time is fleeting! Susan is a great example to me of following the principles of the gospel so that all WILL be well, whether it's the plan we had thought or not.

So as I close out this year and look to the next, I am striving to follow my Savior's example. It's like the scripture in Mathew 6:21: where your treasure is; there will your heart be also. ( I can't quote it, because my scriptures are in spanish)

If you are reading this, most likely I am grateful for our friendship. Thank you! Go kiss and hug those that you thought of while reading this!

Thanks Susan! We love you and your family!


Alice said...

I have been having those same feelings lately, that we really need to think about what is really inportant in our lives and love those around us. Thanks for a great blog. I am so sorry about your friend, she seems really great.
Will you guys still be in AZ in March or April?

Kristin Hamblin said...

I love this post. Susan's story is sad but it has made me realize all the unimportant things I fill my life with. The most important thing is being a wife and mother. I need to enjoy these moments because you never know when they will be gone. As in Susan's case, it can happen so quickly!

(I was crying a lot too on Mon. & Tues. I think it is the emotions that come from being a wife and mother and the thought of loosing a spouse/child.)

EmilyCC said...

A beautiful tribute, Adriana!