Saturday, December 6, 2008

A shining star has gotten her wings!

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"A bright light has left the earth... trailing clouds of glory to brighten the lives of others beyond this world. In every way, she enriched lives of those she touched."
(Bruce Mortensen, Father of Susan)
There was a really beautiful posed shot of Susan, but I remember Susan as always smiling, if not laughing. She enjoyed her life to the fullest! I do believe that bells are ringing and that Susan "got her wings" (It's a Wonderful Life)
I am grateful for technology. It allowed us to say Good-bye and hear the most beautiful testimony from Susan right before the end.
I am grateful that Susan was willing to share her trial with all those that cared for her.
I am grateful for her family, because they shared a precious daughter, sister, and wife with rest of us.
"God be with you til we meet again"


Nelly said...

Hello, Just wanted to say hello, appreciate your comments and keeping in touch, tell Jerry he better call me;.

Sorry about your friend, she looks like a wonderful person.

Tell Damon hello, if you guys ever make it to Utah, come and say hi, or if you need a place to stay.


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing this Adriana. What an inspiring person. It sure helps put everything in life in better perspective. My best to you and your friend and all those who obviously were influenced by her good heart.

little mama said...

This is so heartbreaking and touching. And I love your thoughts. Thanks.

cfarar said...

I am so sorry, Adriana. I love the pictures of her. She will make a beautiful Angel. It really does help us appreciate all that we have. See you soon.