Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year and already behind :(

Man! What a month it's been! I'll post the pictures of Christmas whenever I ever get them from my dad :)

This past weekend we went down to Yuma, because we had a free weekend, before gas gets too expensive again, and D2 was going down. ( which D3 ended up going down as well with two of his kids)

It was a fun weekend. Thomas loves playing with his cousins, especially Danny. I told him we were going down to Yuma and he asked, "to see Grandma and Grandpa?" and I told him, "yes, and Uncle Darren and Aunt Cody will be there." he says, " and he says" my danny friend?" He thinks Danny is the coolest, but they both love the same things so some times it's kind of hard for them to share and play nice... I think that's just a cousin thing, but I didn't ever really play with my cousins so I don't know :( But that is the reason I love for my kids to play with their cousins.
Alex had fun with the older boys, but this time he played alot with Jake. It was cute to watch them together, especially when Jake would try to teach or explain him something. I think they are the new set of buddies :)

It's always fun to see the Yuma family, since we don't get to see them that often. My SIL taught me about photoshop and digital scrapbooking :) I think I might have found a new hobby! I just need to get my hands on photoshop :)

The only way we could convince Thomas to come home was that we were going to see his Mimi and Grandper. I love that he has two sets of grandparents that he loves so much and they love him!
On Monday he kept asking me if we could go see his grandma and grandpa... this was our conversation:
Thomas: "Can we go see Grandpa and Grandma?"

Me: " No, it's too far away."

Thomas: "No, it's not. You just go up. (up= going on the freeway)

Me: "No, because dad went to work."

Thomas: "No, he didn't take our car"

Me: "If we go without dad, he will be sad and lonely.

Thomas: frowns and walks away.

You could tell that he didn't want his dad to be sad, but he wasn't liking it :)


Alice said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I hope you get to do the digital scrapbooking. I love doing it on paper.

Suzy Farar said...

I'm surprised Dennis didn't say anything about us going down. I'm sure he would have if we had known that others were going down too!

Emily Blais said...

I totally want to get photo shop too! I did not know that you had a blog! Glad I found you :)

Joan said...

I just read the "tag post" that talks about you and how you met your sweetheart. You were SUCH a lovely bride! Wow, seriously. You pretty lady, you :)

Mary said...

That is so funny. I love little kids logic and yours are no exception!