Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Happenings II

This past weekend we went to Yuma for a this little girls sister's blessing. We had tons of fun... tons of food, tons of games, and tons of family ! It was perfect! These pictures are actually from when we went in Nov. , but they are a good example of what we do when we go down there :)

Aren't these two of the cutest? Ever? I love to watch Thomas and Alex play with their cousins. I look forward to the memories they will have together.

Although I have told Alex he needs to stop growing it seems inevitable. The boys are happy if you give them dirt, water, and or a rock. ( or shell in this case) :)

We sometimes go to the shooting range. I feel that if the boys are going to be around guns, they need to start learning now about handling them properly.

Thomas is holding that can, because he is the official empty shell holder. He loved this part. He quickly learned which shells were worth picking up.

This was Thomas' first time shooting. He loved it! Unfortunately, he didn't love taking turns.

( no surprise there, huh :) )


FarFam said...

Thanks for coming this weekend...we sure love it when you come to visit!

Mauzy Fam said...

Fun, Fun! Good for you to teach them early how to handle a gun properly and most important how to be safe. I bet they loved it.


Alex looks so cute in these pictures. He is growing up so fast.