Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Boys!

I have always said I wanted all boys... lately I have been thinking a girl would be REALLY nice (but Damond doesn't agree, because he is scared of girls) j/k I think he would be great with one

I digress... so last fall I started taking care of two little boys. The oldest is a day younger than Thomas and the second is a couple months older than Alex. I was a little worried to have four children under the age of four and four boys.... but it was fine! We had tons of fun :D They loved to play hide and seek, play with the curtains, cars, trains, and we did a lot of music time. There was definitely fighting, but for the most part it was a lot of fun and laughter. I would really try to do fun things with the older boys, but sometimes it was really hard keeping track of the little ones, ( they are both climbers!) while doing a craft with the older ones. Here is an example of the fun we had! Although life is a little easier, we really miss them coming over!


FarFam said...

You are brave! I always wanted 5 girls. I guess we all want what e are comfortable with. Now that I have 2, I don't know that I will make it to 5...its harder than I thought it would be!! Ha ha ha!


You are such a great mom (and Aunt). You always do fun things with the kids. I hope you get atleast one girl, because they are alot of fun, but so are boys. I thought maybe for a second you were going to post that you were expecting. (Wishful thinking on my part). See you wednesday. Oh it will say this comment is from Darren, but it is really Cody.