Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 Handsome Dates

I am still exhausted from the beginning of the week (and I think this whole running program is taking its toll as well).

I was working like crazy to finish a project that had a tues night deadline. I kept thinking I was almost done, but it took longer than I had imagined. In some ways I barely made it and in others, I had much longer than planned! I hope to feature my project next week with pictures! I can't wait!!!!!! :)

This week, I looked forward to a date I had with TWO very handsome men.
These boys were going to take me to the Symphony.

A presentation of From Russia, With Love

featuring Peter and the Wolf

I still remembering learning about instruments with Peter and Wolf

I think it's special that Thomas is now learning the same thing!

It's hard getting ready for a date to the Symphony

It's even harder to get your two dates ready, too!

That's when I got a call from the Handsomest Prince of All

He wanted to know if there was room for one more

How could I turn down a handsome prince?

I now had three dates to the Symphony :)

What a lucky gal!

Personally, I think the handsome prince was just jealous! :D

Thomas has been learning about Peter and the Wolf in his Specials Class. His music teacher is part of the symphony that would be perfoming. I decided that it was time for me to introduce my sons to the Arts. Monster Jam is fun, but I want to raise boys that will also appreciate classical music, musicals, ballets, theatre, "things that are praiseworthy and of good report." I want to teach my sons how to be gentleman, because being rough and tough comes as natural as can be to them :) So, all week I kept telling them how they were going to take me out on a date. I told them that on dates they have to dress up. (They do not like having to wear "church clothes and button shirts, so I figure I have less than 18 years to change this!) Alex kept untucking his shirt, the little stinker!

As the performance was starting, I leaned over and told Thomas to pay attention and at the end tell me what instrument he liked the best. He smiled and said, "ok, when does the movie start?" haha. I had to chuckle..."uh, Thomas, there is no movie. We are here to listen." :)
They began by playing, "Russian Easter Festival Overture," Thomas was grinning ear to ear. :)
I am always blown away by the dedication and talent of so many people! Both of the boys listened pretty intently to the first piece. Thomas was so excited when they began playing "Peter and the Wolf." He would lean over and tell me parts he had learned in school.
Right before intermission, Alex became very antsy. So, we decided to leave on a good not and not push the boys(Alex) too much. I think the highlight for them might have been the free cookies and punch during intermission. :) j/k I think they both really liked it, but Alex is only 3 :) I look forward to our next date! :)

I can't remember if I have mentioned before how much Alex likes to cook. He always wants me to lift him up so he can see what is happening on the stove or he will push a chair over to "help me" So, this week when I was making banana bread, I decided that I'd let him be the baker :)
He, did most of mashing, most of the pouring into the bowl, and THE EGGS. This is always tricky, as I really don't like cleaning up egg, but I know how exciting that part is so I let him help. As I was telling him to hold it like this and not hit too hard, SPLAT! He hit it too hard! :) oh well, we tried again :) I try to remind myself that although it might be more work and take longer, these opportunities to have a "willing" helper won't last forever!

Everyone keeps referring to this one as CHUNKY!
Yes, YES HE IS! :D
I love it! :)

He turned 4 months old this week!
It's not fair how fast the time goes!
I love holding and loving his squishy chubs :)
He really loves to grab things
and his hands are as strong as they are big!
He gets that from both sides of the gene pool :)
He's right around 18lbs!
We love him!!!!

Thomas was so excited this week.
They were having Pajama Day on Friday.
He thought that was the coolest thing!
They also got to bring a book.
It was a tough decision.
He ended up taking the awesome dinosaur book his aunt gave him.
They were going to read it and drink hot chocolate.
When I picked him up, he said, "Mom, today was a really good day." :)
Those were my favorite days, too.
Later, he started laughing and said somebody had called pajamas, "pJs"
Apparently, he had never heard that before. :)
Oh, to be a kid again! :)


Zip said...

what sweet boys you have. you have really been keeping your blog updated, and i love reading it, so keep those posts coming ;)

Taryn said...

Your little guys are so cute! Sounds like you guys are doing good!

Kristin said...

So cute! YOu give me hope of taking my kids to a performance. Natalie really wants to see Sleeping Beauty at the Broadway Palms Theatre. YOur baby is so chunky! I love all those rolls!

As for the DVD player. WE love theme for the car. We can have one for the middle seat and one for the back seat. It came with a plug that you can use to plug into an outlet. We also have a portable one which is nice but it doesn't work as well on the head rest. I say keep it, but that is my opinion.

Erekson's said...

so cute! Jacob is soooooo sticnken cute. I can't wait to meet him.

Alice said...

What a fun date. You are such a wonderful mama! The boys look so big tell them to stop growing.

Deb said...

such handsome boys!

J. said...

What a fabulous date. I hope Alex sticks with baking. Everybody loves sweets :)