Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just another week in winter :)

I can't really say that anything, too special is going on right now. I feel like there is so much to get done, everyday, with not enough time. But, I would think every mom feels like this. So, I am trying to focus on my priorities; doing the things that Heavenly Father asks me to do so that everything else will work out :) It's going good, I just need to try harder some times :)

Thomas finally had a full week of school :) He worked really hard on his valentines and was so excited to see all of the valentines he got! He, also, felt really special taking his teacher flowers and some valentine cards he made for her :-)
side story: when we were making Valentine's cards, I showed Thomas how to make hearts by folding a square in half and then just tracing half of the heart, then cutting along that line. Well, the first time, I traced the heart and he did the cutting. As he was doing it, I heard him say this is for mom. Next, I will make one for dad. So, after finishing mine, he asked me to help him trace another heart, but I was finishing up the dishes, so I told him that he knew how to do it and to try it on his own. Well, he came up to me and asked, "does this look like a heart?" and it was close, but not perfect, so I told him it did and that he did a good job. But as he went back to work on it at the table I heard him say, "This one is for mom and that one is for dad." me: "What? I thought you said the other one was for me." Thomas: "yeah, but I changed my mind." me: "how come?" Thomas: "Because Dad takes us outside." Me: "Hey, I take you places, too." Thomas smiling, knowing that I am just teasing him, but answers, " yeah, like Costco and Sam's Club."
Little punk ;-) after all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and I take them outside, too! all I am remembered for is my grocery shopping!!! :( and I don't even get the "good valentine? I told Damond that it's a little unfair ;-), but hey, I wanted the one he made ALL by himself anyways! :)
Another side story: I was telling Thomas that when Mimi comes in a month, we are going on a vacation. He asked, "where?" I told him that I didn't know. So he thought for a second and said, "maybe the beach? Yeah, we should go to the beach and relax." I got a good chuckle over the way he said that one! I think we have all been dreaming about being warm under the sun!

Alex had a friend over and I realized that he's hasn't gotten to do that much. I need to do more playdates with him. Everyday, I look at him and can't believe he's going to be four and will be going to school next year! It's not fair how fast it goes! He is always asking me what something means. "Mom, what does english mean?" "Mom, what does back mean?" I always ask him why he's such a good little buddy? I am constantly taking him on all these errands and he never complains or grows impatient at the stores (like a certain older brother of his ;-) ). I love to have him come put his arm around me or have him come put his little hands on my face. He loves to help me cook and will either have me lift him so he can see what is on the stove or he'll pull a chair over to the counter so he can help do what I'm doing.
side story: When we were in Phoenix, my sister asked Thomas what he wanted to be when he grew up and Thomas answered, " an airplane pilot". She then asked Alex and right away he answered, " thomas!" :) He adores Thomas! I try really hard to explain this to Thomas and hopefully Thomas will understand that sooner than later!

Jacob continues to be a stinky pants, but now instead of frowny face-stinky pants (as I used to call him) he is smiley face-stinky pants :) He laughs a little bit, but I keep waiting for a really deep laugh :) He already weighs 17lbs! His eyes are still mostly blue, but I think I see some green in the background... but I don't know if that's just my wishful thinking! Either way, his eyes have stayed blue alot longer than the other two. He continues to fall asleep by 11:30ish and wake up around 4:30 or 5:00. I'll feed him and he'll usually keep sleeping till at least eight!
I was telling somebody today that he really is a very good baby. Many times I will need to finish helping Thomas with his homework, or finish dinner, or finish washing the dishes that I prolong him and he will usually continue being patient. I was also saying that I hope this doesn't mean he's going to be an extra difficult two year old ;-)

Thomas' school had a carnival this weekend to help raise money for the classrooms. They sold tickets 5 tickets/$1 if you bought them early. So I did, since that sounded like a really good deal. Each classroom had one carnival game in it, manned by the teachers. I was kind of worried that it would either be an expensive experience or a lame one, but since each game was only one ticket it came out to 20 cents and the kids had fun doing them. Most of the teachers had come up with ideas that you could do at home with things in your house, with a few exceptions... like the teacher that had PLINKO! wouldn't that be cool to have in your house :D
It was definitely not the Hopi Hullabaloo, but I think I might have liked this better :)


Linsey F said...

I love the first pictures of the boys! They are so cute. We think you should come to warmer weather too! ;)

EmilyCC said...

Oh, that cold weather! I remember when Nate and I would watch golf on Saturdays just to see that it was warm and sunny somewhere!

Heather Farar said...

No respect or love for the one who REALLY works in the family, huh?! You have three awesome little boys (because they have a great mother). Jacob looks adorable and I can't believe he is 17 lbs!

Alice said...

Those are some great stories. I totally feel your "pain" my boys think thier Daddy is so much cooler then mommy, but hopefully some day they will appreciate all the things we do.

J. said...

I love all the side stories. I'm glad you are getting some smiles out of Jacob.