Sunday, February 20, 2011

The PW

The silly reason we went to Cincinnati was that I wanted to attend The Pioneer Woman's book signing. She is a fellow blogger that has become quite popular. Ever since I started blogging, I have followed her blog. As I told Damond, you have eaten many delicious meals, desserts ect that are thanks to her!
I, almost went last year, but talked myself out of it. So, this year I decided that this was going to be a year of no regrets. I want to enjoy our time out here. A sister-in law told me as they finished up their two year program that she wished she had done more to enjoy their surroundings. So, although I told myself a million times that it was silly and probably a waste of money, we went anyways! ;-)
Damond was a good sport about it. Though, he teased me the whole time! I wish I had known how those things work, because we drove to the bookstore early to make sure we knew where it was, but then decided to go eat dinner. By the time we got back it was packed full of a "very homogeneous group of women" as Damond called us ;-) Right before she was to come out an employ mentioned something about having a ticket. Apparently, they had been handing out tickets with letters on them. There were 25 tickets per letter. Ex. 25 A's. So, by the time I got my ticket I was a Q!!!!!
The PW came out and gave a little speech and did a short Q&A . It was funny :), but then the waiting began. There was only so much time Damond was willing to look at books with the boys. So, they went for a walk and I kept waiting. It started at 6. By 9:00, they were only on J! As, I was walking around with a sleeping Jacob, an employee saw me and asked if I wanted him to get me in the front of the line? YESSSS!!!

I met Ree.
She signed my book.
We took a picture.
She called Jacob chunky :)

All in all, it was a different experience. I''ll only do it again, if I can go with my sister or as a girl's night out. There is so much standing around that it would have been more fun if I had other people to chat with :D
Here's to seizing the day!


Linsey F said...

I'm glad you got to go! Even if the wait was long. Next book signing we can go together! :)

Suzy Farar said...

Good job in blogging! I think that it's neat that you did what you wanted to do and go to that book signing! I've never really done anything like that!