Sunday, February 20, 2011


I hope I spelled that right ;-) I always seem to throw in too many n's or t's or i's :)

On Friday, we took a half day trip to Cincinnati, which is about two hours away. The boys were so excited to go on "vacation." They have learned to love travel as much as their parents. They are always excited to go on a new adventure! We had never been there before. It had so many hills! Indiana seems so flat to me that, it was strange to see the whole city on slopes. We didn't really get to see much. We got in around 3 in the afternoon. I had seen online that Krohn's Conservatory was a really neat place if you only had about an hour and you didn't want to pay an entrance fee. So, we went there.
As soon as Thomas walked in he said, "Mom, it's a jungle in there!" ;-) The first part was similar to a jungle/rainforest. They even had a cool little waterfall.
This next sequence of pictures make me laugh as they are the boys in a nutshell! ;)

Then we walked into a room filled with flowers! It was so beautiful and smelled so nice! I made the boys stop to look at the flowers and pick out their favorite ones. Then we saw a room filled with bonsai trees and encased butterflies.
The last room, was like home to us... the DESERT! :D Thomas walked in and said, "Hey, Mimi has that one!" pointing to an aloe vera plant :)

Although, it wasn't too exciting I want to make sure that the boys learn to love museums and more cultural events/places. I want them to be able to find beauty in nature and not focus so much on electronics and material places. So, I am glad that they enjoyed it!

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J. said...

LOL! I love those three shot of the boys too. I can just see the events unfolding. :)