Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mid-Semester Blahs

I think we have hit the midsemester blah's :)
Life has hit a routine. It usually takes a while to get going, especially in the winter when weather seems to always disrupt our routine.
This week Thomas got to have a friend over. This boy is the brother of Alex's friend. Their mother runs in the morning with me. Their dad plays all kinds of sports with Damond. I can't tell you how much we are going to miss them come May! I hope they like us enough to let us come visit them in Canada ;) They were actually the first people we met in Indy. They were the first contact I made and, ultimately, because of them (& the Klingler's) Damond and I decided that Indy was the place for us and that Manchester would be our home for the next four years. Karen was so nice to give me a tour of her home after only knowing her for 10 min! :D I, remember calling her the first time and when she said she had two boys, ages 4 and 2, (the exact same as mine at the time) that this was not a coincidence. Heavenly Father knew the boys and I needed good friends while away from our family.
Anyways, no need to get so sentimental quite yet ;-)
Thomas, Alex, and Mikey had so much fun playing football in the living room for awhile. They are all tough boys, but if Mikey had both Thomas and Alex hanging on him he would still plow through until he got to the Touchdown Zone :)

In typical boy fashion, they went from one game to another :) They had alot of fun!
That evening we took care of our friends little girl. We have her in nursery and we love her! But it is so different having a girl in the house! :) The boys loved having her and even played "chocolate milk" party with her ;-) When her parents came to get her they said, "we hope she wasn't too crazy, because sometimes she can get really crazy." I just laughed at them and told them,"on our spectrum of craziness, she doesn't even register!" ;-)

Jacob continues to grow more interested in what's going around him. Especially when it comes to watching his brother or Dad!!!! If he hears Damond, he immediately finds him and starts smiling at him. Today, at church he kept staring at the fans, even though he had to tilt his head all the way back :D We just love him and he brightens everyone's day :D
We had a couple of lovely weather days this week! The first day that it was sunny, we had to go outside. So, we joined our friends on a walk. You could everyone was wanting some of the Vitamin D we'd been lacking for so long! Jacob was looking everywhere. I knew he was thinking, "wow, I have never seen this world." Due to winter, he usually stays inside or under a blanket. We are all looking forward to spring.

The next day, it was supposed to be nicer so a bunch of ladies planned a zoo trip. I think Alex was excited to get and do something with friends. We had a fun time watching the dolphins. The trainer was giving her speech when I heard him say, "echolocation." Later, in the week we were looking at fish and he asked a question that I answered," I don't know." He said, "maybe it's echolocation." Apparently, he really liked that word!

See? Even the seal was trying to enjoy the "nice" weather! Nice is a relative term as my dad always call to tell me how "nice" it is in Phoenix :-) I think he doesn't want us to like it too much over here ;-)

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