Monday, March 7, 2011

Anxious for Spring

Monday was the last day of February and I could tell that the boys and I were antsy to be spending more time outside. Since Damond was staying late (he had a week full of tests :( ) I decided that we needed to spend some time outside. It was pretty cold, but the bright sun beckoned us outside. I gave the boys some bubbles and told them to have fun :) (We were really missing the Ereksons' as Sarah and the kids would generally come out if were were out, too!

We had fun, but it didn't last very long as the kids kept telling me that their hands were freezing. Not as a complaint, just so I'd know :) They wanted to stay outside, even when Jacob and I couldn't handle it any longer! :-)

Where, oh where, has the big warm sun gone? :)

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Erekson's said...

we miss you too! I long for the warm outside days and the kids playing and the talks with you. I miss you a lot and the kids miss you guys. Come and visit again soon!