Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 1st

I know, I know... I have gotten behind. (I had been doing so good, too!) :( I am determined to catch up before a new month begins!
March 1st was HUGE for three reasons!
Reason #1-
Thomas woke up and the first thing he told me was, "Mom, it's March 1st!" At first, I thought he was just excited about his birthday being in the month of March, but then he said, "Today's the day, Marty said she was going to race me!" (this being said with a huge grin!) I told him that we'd see if Marty could still race after school.
So, he went off to school and the rest of us got ready for the day.
Reason #2
Right before leaving for reason #2, the mailman came and left a box at my door. It was the project I had been working on for most of February!!!!! I was running a bit late already, but I had to open the box and take a look at the finished product.
Front Cover

Back Cover

Isn't it AWESOME!!! (my SIL made the cover for me! She's amazing!!!)
While on vacation in Yuma, my SIL showed me all of her blog and scrapbooks that she had published through Blurb. They were amazing!! and absolutely priceless! I have been able to make both Thomas and Alex a First Year baby book (though, I think both are slightly unfinished :( ) and other than that I really have not done anything with the THOUSANDS OF PICTURES I have taken since we got a digital camera. I love to look at them on the screen saver, but I really wanted to get them published. Now, my SIL is actually a good blogger. I on the other hand did not have enough posts to publish a book! ;-) so, I had to go back through all of my 2010 picture files and recreate posts. As I said, I take a lot of pictures so this took quite a bit of time. I realized at the beginning of Feb. that my groupon coupons for Blurb were going to expire the 21st of Feb.! So, I spent many late nights working on this book! But it was so worth it and I know that I will treasure it even more as the kids grow up and start to leave!!! Now I can't wait to go back and do this for all the years I've missed! :) Yikes!!!! Along with my book, I was finally able to order the Children's book Damond had made last summer. He made it using pictures he had taken at his Grandpa's farm. It is so neat and even more special since it features so many good memories!

Reason #3
I have been working on completing my personal progress goals for YW's. I decided that for one of my value projects, I was going to try and tackle my fear of yeast. I really like cooking, but anything that required yeast, I bought at the store :(

In our ward, I kept hearing about how wonderful Sister Hamner's bread is. So, I approached her and asked her if she would be willing to teach me how to make her delicious bread. She, being the kindest lady, readily agreed :) So, the boys and I headed over there. Marty was also over there and as soon as we walked in Alex started calling for Marty and saying, "it's March 1st!" :)
Well, the bread making was a success! She had me do most of it (which is exactly what I wanted since that is how I learn best!) Now, I just wish that I had her set-up ;-) I told Damond I just need a Bosch mixer, an electric wheat grinder (that thing was awesome! It made about 20 cup of wheat in no time at all!) her nifty long and skinny bread pans, and an electric knife! ok, ok I will just have to make do with what I have :) so, I still need to buy a few ingredients that I don't have on hand, but I plan to make this again (on my own) and see how it turns out. For now, can you smell how delicious this bread is? (and it's made with whole hard white wheat)
Back to Reason #1
Marty was willing to race Thomas after school (she's so nice!) When I picked him up from school, I told him that we were going to head over to Marty's house so they could have a race. He said, "mom, I need to go home and change into my racing pants!"me: "huh? you don't have racing pants." him: yes, I do. You know the gray one's with the strips down the sides?" "oh, sorry, I didn't realize those were your racing pants." I convinced him that he didn't need them.
He was a good sport and I know that he had a great time racing Marty.
I told him that she won, because she changed into her racing pants :)

I, also, had a RS function where I had take all the boys because Damond had a heavy round of tests coming up. First, one of the dads came to find me to take alex to the bathroom, then Jacob decided that the amount of milk I'd brought for him in a bottle wasn't enough, so I went to feed him, only to have them bring me Thomas because he needed to use the restroom. I walk Thomas back to the nursery room only to hear Jacob explode in his diaper. and an explosion it was! one of those that goes all the way up his back :( to top it off, I only had one wipe! :( Luckily, another lady was there with her baby and she lent me a couple.
I was more than ready to go home and go to bed, especially knowing I had to get up to run in the morning! :(
What a day!!!!!! :)


Kristin said...

I made a blog book from blurb a few years ago and love it! My kids ask to read from it at night. Now I just need to do books for the past 2 years! THey are fun but lots of work. YOur boys are getting so big!

The Carpenter Family said...

How cute that book is I love it! I need to finnish the one iam working on!

J. said...

What a crazy day. You must still be exhausted! I want to see your book. It looks awesome!