Monday, October 1, 2012

We made it!

This is how we all feel... exhausted and just wanting to be close to Dad. 
Damond finished up his hardest rotation of 4th year yesterday. 
He was in the ICU, putting in almost 80 hrs/week, only to come home 
and study as much as he could to prepare for the exam at the end. 
The last week of the rotation he worked the night shift. 
He would leave for work no later than 5:00 pm. 
Drive 40 min to get to work
Work until 745 the following morning. 
Drive another 40 min. to get home. 
Say hi to the boys and me
Sleep from 845 to 200.
Study until 430. 
Repeat. x6
He had one day off. the day before the test, which he spent studying. 
Then he went to Mutual. 
We went with him, so we could at least spend time with him in the car. 
There is a possibility that next year could be like this ALL YEAR LONG!
I may not make it!!! 
After working all Saturday night, 
he came home and had a YM Presidency Mtg from 9-10:15
left for another mtg at church @ 11:00
Was a zombie at church :) 
then we had the Home Teachers over. 
Needless to say
 we all crashed (just like the picture above)! :)

Today felt just as busy as any other day,
 but I got a 2 mile run in
we were able to have FHE 
and Damond will be sleeping next to me tonight :)
(I, also, averaged about 5 hrs of sleep with him gone)


Linsey F said...

Oh that is one crazy schedule! Makes my complaining about Dean never being home seem petty! We miss you guys. Just remember you are one year closer to being back on our side of the world! Right?!?!?

EmilyCC said...

Oh my heavens! I hope you guys get a little break soon.

Kristin said...

You are a strong woman! I cannot believe you are starting the 4th year! I can sympathize with you. Brett is gone working in NM for 7 weeks. He does get to come home Friday night but leaves right after church on Sunday. Each week I am exhausted but when I make it to Friday I keep telling myself, another week down! Just think, each week you are closer to being done! I am thinking of you!

taryn said...

Just reading this brought tears to my eyes, trying to imagine finding the strength to endure. You are amazing, Ariana, even if some days you don't feel like it.
So glad to have an update from you guys. We miss you!