Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let's go sledding!

This week Damond called me wanting me to put on the calendar that we were going to go sledding! He was hoping to stay on top of everything so that he'd have a some extra time to go sledding on Saturday and Monday. Well, it worked for Saturday. We headed to a little park not far from our house and went sledding. We could park right at the base of the hill (literally! there were a few times I thought they might run into the cars) so we left Jacob in the car and I was able to watch the kids and take pictures. Then every once in a while I would check on warm and toasty Jacob.
The boys had a blast!

It was not very steep, so the injuries were minimal! :D Always a good thing!

I went down one time, but only because Damond pushed me the whole way down. For some reason, I really don't like that feeling of loss of control. I am a weenie!! ;-)

Damond and Alex riding the "centrifuge"

A couple other friends joined us which made it even more fun! We had hoped that it would snow again, so we could go tomorrow, but it didn't. :( Hopefully, Damond will be able to work in more time!

Damond riding his broom (I mean shovel)


Linsey F said...

That looks like fun! Cold, but fun! I am sure the boys were in heaven! We miss you guys!

Suzy Farar said...

Ok, in most of the pictures Damond didn't have a jacket on!! Wasn't he cold? That looks like fun though!!

J. said...

Why is Damond wearing a coat?!