Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arctic Winds

Believe me, I never heard those words on the news/weather section in phoenix! Here they seem to be quite common :)
Due to these Arctic winds, we don't get out much. ESPECIALLY with an infant! I feel bad keeping the older boys cooped up inside all the time, but I enjoy using Jacob as my excuse to stay inside :)
The other day we had one of Thomas' friend over and I decided that with the all of the fresh fallen snow, we had to go play in it. Luckily, since our park is in our backyard, I was able to leave Jacob sleeping and I could play with the boys outside for a bit. It was quite fun and I even pulled the boys on the sled, but snow dog I am not! They each got one lap and that was enough for me! :D
Though, the other day Damond took the boys outside and he was running them all over the place on the sled. He even built a ramp that they would speed over! He is a much better snow dog :)

Other news... I have begun my marathon training! I am quite excited as I have always had this goal. This will only be a half marathon, but I figure it gets me one step closer and helps me get into the flat club as Thomas calls it.
side story (a few days after I had Jacob, a friend of mine came to visit. I was still in the swollen, body readjusting stage. Anyways, she had a baby in August and you would never know it! So while she was holding Jacob, Thomas was talking to us and turns to me to say, "Mom, when are you going to be flat like Marty and Karen?" {Karen is my other friend that had a baby last May. She is also looking amazing!} I could tell Marty didn't know what to say at first, but then I started laughing because I knew what my body was doing.
Anyways, I can no longer use that excuse as Jacob will be 3 MONTHS tomorrow!"
Basically, I am racing/running/ ok, walking to be in the FLAT CLUB again ;-)
(the other day, it had started to snow during the night and I ran "in snow" (there really wasn't that much on the ground) but it was a new experience. -- I am used to running in extreme heat, not so sure about this extreme cold!
I have also started to work on publishing my blog! It is going to be alot of work, but so far it is pretty fun and I am so glad that I have an extremely talented SIL that will answer all of my lame questions, {though, at least I am not as clueless as the snowbirds, right Linsey? ;-) }
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Linsey F said...

You are far from the Snowbirds!!! {Although you are the one in the snow right now!} I can't even comprehend how stinkin' cold it has to be there. Your boys are all bundled up and Damond is wearing shorts and a t-shirt! That's crazy! Good luck with joining the flat club. I have been applying for membership for the last 2 years, but for some reason I keep getting denied! :)

Erekson's said...

Crazy Damond in his tshirt and shorts! Looks like you guys had a blast. We miss you like crazy and you are beautiful no matter if you are in the flat club or not! I think you get a year to loose it right??? At least that is what I'm telling my self, I have 2 weeks left yikes!

cfarar said...

Linsey you crack me up. Adriana, Damond is just like Darren (wearing shorts in the snow). My family thinks he is crazy. Looks like fun.