Friday, January 7, 2011

It's 2011?

Last year I had made some goals. Some, for example family prayer and scripture study we did a lot better on. But my goal of blogging and record keeping more did not happen :( So, once again I am going to work hard at achieving this, because it is something that generations could enjoy!
So if possible, I will try to do a special feature each week. Hopefully, at least one of each child! ;-)


I can't believe it is 2011! And to prove to me that the boys are growing so fast, Mr. Thomas lost his tooth today!!!!We were at a friends house when I noticed that he had a HOLE in his mouth. I asked Thomas, "where is your tooth? Did you notice your tooth fell out?" My friend said he probably swallowed it when he was eating his cookie. I asked him if he had noticed any hard pieces. He said that his cookie had a seed and he had thrown it away. I looked in the garbage for a little bit, but then decided to give up :( But then I looked down and found it on the ground!
Posted by PicasaHe is a cutie! I love Thomas and his desire and ability to laugh. (unfortunately, he also can scream and throw fits with the best of them) This is something I fear will continue for the rest of his life (as I have seen his grandfather, father, and uncles) ;-) They don't grow out of it, just the frequency decreases :)
It has been fun to watch him learn new things in kindergarten and I look forward to the new things we will encounter with him this year!


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It really would have been funny if he had swallowed it! I am glad he didn't though. He seemed pretty happy about his dollar from the tooth fairy!