Monday, February 25, 2013



After your funeral, I pleaded with Heavenly Father to not make me go to another funeral for at least... 20 years. Ok, so I know this was an unreasonable request, but I really did not expect to attend another funeral so soon. Especially, for our friend Pete, who was also 31!

I have a hard time understanding why Heavenly Father needed ONE, let alone, TWO amazing, strong (in spirit and body) kind, 31 year old men with amazing smiles that befriended everyone they knew.

You were both outstanding disciples of Christ, ready to serve your fellowmen. That is the one clue I have.

Many times over the last two weeks, I have pictured the reunion the two of you might have shared. I picture a strong hug, two dazzling smiles, maybe you told him when the next basketball game was to be played, and you thanking him. I hope you thanked him for coming to see me at the house. He told me how shocked and sorry he was to hear of your passing. Sincere words of empathy, as he had lost his father and stepfather in his teen years. He offered to help in any way needed and reminded me that he was always nearby. It meant so much to me!

Like yours, it was a beautiful service. Many sweet memories were shared of Pete. Beautiful and uplifting messages were shared.

(Boston May 2012)

The part that was my undoing was when they talked about Pete and his dad. Pete's grandmother was quoted as saying, "Pete was always happiest when he was with his dad. He is happy now."
I know that to be true of our boys as well. Oh, how they loved to be with you! Their squeals of excitement when they would hear your key in the door, their laughter when you would do the guitar tickle on them, sweaty football games in the living room, and how eagerly they looked forward to any outing with you!

(Hillary Weeks, Just Let Me Cry)

"sometimes life sends a storm that’s unexpected,
and we’re forced to face our deepest pain…
at times the hurt inside grows stronger
And there’s nothing I can do but let it out…
So Just let me cry
Till every tear has fallen
Don’t ask when, Don’t ask why
Just let me cry.
I have felt JOY, the kind that makes my heart want to sing.
So, my tears are not a surrender. I'll feel that way again.
But for now, for this moment, just let me cry. "

Thank you for the JOY you brought to our lives,


Danielle Hirschi said...

Adriana, Oh I did do just that and CRY! The why's are really so unknown. I have felt an ache in my heart for you that is so real that I have never felt before! I can't imagine what you must be feeling. Our prayers continue and they will definitely be as well for your dear friends! If our love could heal your heart?!! But I'm saddened that our love cannot heal your heart only Christ's love can thus our fervent prayer that He will carry you, Adriana, Thomas, Alex, and Jacob!

Your example is SO PROFOUND and always has been! You might look to the future with bleakness but can I say just knowing I get to see you in May has lifted my soul! You have a special unique gift in this life that spreads love to whomever you meet. Thanks for letting me witness what True Charity is! Love you always and Forever, The Hirschi's

Klingler said...

Danielle has said everything that I would have said so I second her except for the May visit part. But I am so happy you'll be able to make it out for those events. We love you!