Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Dear Boys,

Several weeks ago, I decided to sign up to run several races. I wanted to run them in honor of your dad, even though he HATED running, unless he had a football or b- ball in his hands.
I knew that running was going to help me and goals would keep me going.

I had my first race on Saturday. Josie and I ran Susan's Run. Susan was a beautiful friend of mine.  Your dad and I admired her parents so much! Like your dad, she also passed away much too early.

As we lined up to start the race I turned on my iPod. The first song to play was
My Pretty Little Adriana by Vince Gill
Your dad and I had just started dating. We left the computer commons around midnight and as we were both turning left to get on the freeway, he yelled, "listen to this song"
Which he then, also began to sing. We played it at our wedding.
It always brought a smile to my face to hear him sing me this song.
It seems to fit now more than it did before.
As I ran the race, I realized that my journey with running and racing, is not really about time.
I am running to help us find peace with our new normal.
I am running to find joy.
I am running to become the mom you boys need me to be.
As I came around the last corner of the race,
Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
began to play.
Your dad and I were at a dance. We had only spoken a couple of times.
Your dad had been keeping to the sidelines, even though I saw several girls try to catch his eye.
I was busy dancing when your dad came over and asked me to dance.
This song was playing.
This is the song from Ghost.
If my story were a book,
this is what you would call foreshadowing.

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Klingler said...

What a beautiful time in your life to share with your boys and us. Thank you! I am so proud of you and happy that you have picked up your running again. It truly has been a healing aid for me and others. I am rooting you on! We love you and your boys!