Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Smile

"Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa

Last week, a friend of mine knew how important it was for me to honor Damond by doing service.


(Newport, OR June 2013)

She sent out the following email:
        "Tomorrow August 22nd is both Adriana and Damond Farar's birthday.  In honor of Damond's life that was always the embodiment of Christ-Like service, please find a way to perform an act of kindness or provide a service for another, either tomorrow or over the next couple of weeks.  After completing your service, please share your experience with Adriana through an email or letter.  If you capture a photo of your service, please also pass along to Adriana.  All who knew Damond, knew that although he had an infectious outward smile, it was only a side effect of his beaming heart.  His love for His Savior and his fellow men was evident in every aspect of his life - it is his legacy.  Please find a way to keep his legacy flowing!"

It warms my heart to read the emails.  It makes me happy to see that families are doing this together. Damond knew that the best way to teach the boys about service was to bring them along and have them work beside him.

With my focus on service, I recalled a story about a smile.

Damond always teased me that I remember EVERYTHING!  I would often ask him, "Do you remember what we were doing on such and such date, around this time? And what were we wearing?"  :)
He never remembered anything (hence, so many forgotten anniversaries ) ;-) I, on the other hand, could even remember what we were wearing.
But there was one time I did not remember. He asked me once, if  I remembered when I smiled at him. Apparently, it was the Sunday after we had met. He still did not know many people at church. He said he remembered looking over at me, we made eye contact and I smiled  from across the room. He said it made his day a little brighter.
I cannot remember any of that, but it always stood out to me that he did.

Mother Theresa said, "Peace begins with a smile."
As I look back, I think, maybe, that smile was the beginning of our friendship.
I have received emails about service big and small. I think that with each act, somewhere in the exchange a smile was given, often even two smiles were shared.
Sometimes, even just a friendly smile, can have an eternal impact on another's life.

"Love in action is service." - Mother Teresa

 I think kids are the best examples of "giving" smiles :)


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Joan said...

What a beautiful tribute to you and Damond. You as a couple have a legacy of service.