Monday, August 24, 2009

Our New Home!

I was physically and emotionally exhausted by the time we boarded. Luckily, I had brought quite a few diversions for the boys and Barbara brought her computer that the boys were quite good on the flight. Alex was a bit restless, but come- on, He’s two! Thomas had been eagerly anticipating the “lady” that would come around and serve drinks (aka soda) and hand out snacks. Well, the lady/stewardess finally came and he was in heaven! So much that he fell asleep and slept the rest of the flight. Alex, was only restless due to the fact that something reminded him of his cars/ bestfriends. (Speed, King, and Chick) He had not missed them for the last two days, but all of sudden he NEEDED them and he was on a plane and they were in a moving truck! So I’d pull something out of my bag, it would appease him… I would start to fall asleep and then he would start to ask for them again. So I would pull something else out of my bag and the process would repeat itself for the next three hours :) But he did good :D No screaming!
My dad and Damond actually made it to Indy an hour ahead of us so they were able to check into the hotel and meet us at the airport. I was so relieved to know that they hadn’t come across any problems while driving. I am so thankful that my dad was willing to help us out with the drive. I know Damond really admires him and I love to see them grow closer. They said it was a VERY long trip, but uneventful. I think my dad kept Damond entertained with many of his stories :D He has a lot of them!
The next day we decided we all deserved to sleep in and then we went downtown to show Barbara and my dad IUPUI and a war monument.

Thomas with Grandper in front of War Monument
It was actually quite cool with the breeze. They say it's been a very cool summer. We then headed to our new place so Damond and I could sign the lease. Barbara and my dad took the boys back to the hotel to swim. Apparently they tried to drown Barbara, just kidding, but I don’t think she realized how much they love to swim and JUMP in :D Can I tell you how much of a blast the boys were having with my dad? They were in heaven to be in a hotel with Grandper. He plays with them and makes them laugh. I would have to say he's the best Grandper ever :)
After signing the lease, we went back to the hotel to eat and pick up the truck. It was around then that I started to realize that unpacking the truck was a going to take a LONG time with only my dad and Damond, since Barbara and I are not that strong. :) I kept debating calling the people we had met in April. I felt bad knowing it was so last minute and it was Mon evening, but I also knew help would be so nice. So I called them to find out they were still in Idaho, but they gave us the number of another family in the complex. It was very awkward calling up people I had never met to ask for their help, but I knew that if I was ever on the other end, I would want to be called. Thankfully, the Harker’s were so nice and quickly said they’d be there and he would gather up some other men. Sure enough, I think we had at least 6 men from our new ward come over and lend their muscles :) One of them was our next door neighbor! I was able to meet his nice wife and cute son. (Their daughter was already sleeping) What a blessing to move so far from home and have so many kind people to lend a helping hand! That’s how it’s been since our arrival. So many people are constantly looking out for us, helping, giving good advice or just befriending us! Mainly our neighbor, the Ereksons. They have been so welcoming and have shared their knowledge and many of their tools as well. :) Thomas loves their daughter. They are constantly playing together, it’s very cute! Alex also loves her. I think he hugged her the other night for two minutes straight! :D I think Alex will really like playing with their son, he’s a little younger, but quickly getting more active!
Here’s our new place… it’s definitely not a place we want to be forever, but it works for the next four years :D

This is looking out our front door (mirror image :)
This is the living room taken from the stairs

This is the kitchen/dining area? Can you tell what appliance is missing?
No dishwasher! I look forward to the day, I no longer have to wash dishes :D
but on the plus side, we no longer have to have the table pushed against the wall, there is room for all four chairs :D

This is our backyard, very green, but not much bigger than what you see :(

but the flip side is this is what's behind our backyard :D

Nice, huh? The boys love playing out there :D It's nice not having to drive to a park :D
The next day, we woke up to RAIN! The storm even made it onto CNN. It just poured all morning long. You got soaked even with an umbrella. (I think I need to look into an anorak, it rains a lot) :D We decided that since my dad and Barbara were going to be here till Thurs, we would all work hard Tues unpacking and then we’d spend Wed having fun. Thanks to them we were able to accomplish so much on Tues. Thanks to Barbara, I got most of my kitchen unpacked and cleaned that first day. My dad worked on all the jobs that involved tools :) It was very cute to see Alex be his shadow and imitate him with his plastic tools. So on Wed, we traveled up to the Amish country about two hours away. It was a fun day, but I think we were a little disappointed. Barbara and I really wanted to see their quilts and maybe find some Amish toys, but they we were unable to find either :( but we did find AMAZING Fudge! :) but mostly it was just fun to spend one more day with Barbara and my dad without having to be distracted by work.
On the way home we stopped at this Old Jet and Aircraft Museum. It was closed, but you could still get a good view of some of the airplanes. Thomas LOVED IT!
The next day we took them to the airport and it was awful. The time had finally come for me to let go and do it on my own. I was sad for myself, but I was so sad for the boys who wouldn’t understand how far away we were, and especially for my family, as they love the boy’s soooo much! Barbara has been such a help with the boys these years and the boys love her soooo much! Needless to say, I need my sister as well :( As for Grandper, it was awful. My dad has always been the first person I call in a crisis. (even when I got married :) so I know that this will be good for Damond and I to learn to stand on our own). I love seeing how much the boys adore Grandper as I never really had a grandpa relationship. I will miss having my dad call us to go to lunch or have him take one of the boys to "work" with him. It broke my heart to see how much pain my parents were in over this move! It's still mending and might not heal completely till we are back in phx :)

At the time, I thought it was possible that we wouldn’t see them until at least next summer. What a long time! When we got back to our new house it felt so lonely. Part of me just wanted to go to bed and cry, but the other part knew there was still so much work to be done before Damond started school. Press forward… keep moving, keep working.
I am not a fan of moving! There is so much you can’t plan for and it’s hard when you need to buy furniture, but don’t have a truck! We spent the first week touring all of the Goodwill stores and let me tell you, there are A LOT!
Some of them are expensive ($150 for a used desk that’s not very fancy?!) crazy Goodwill! and then we went to a Goodwill Outlet and there they have desks for $2 J unfortunately, nothing we really felt would serve our needs.
They also have some Goodwill’s that receive clearance items from nearby Targets. So they have brand-new Target items at Goodwill prices. We were able to buy two Target bookcases at a Goodwill. So of course I have been all over the city trying to find more deals like that, but have still not found a desk!...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :) Damond and I missed family and friends, but we were able to eat with our new friends, the Ereksons. With four children under four, it was crazy, mostly or entirely due to ours :D but the food was yummy and it's nice celebrating with others :D


EmilyCC said...

A park behind the house! How great!

I'm glad you've made friends already--it's amazing how close we got to others when we were far away from family.

FarFam said...

Oh that one made me cry! How hard to leave your family, but it will all be worth it in the end. Everyone will just have to take turns coming to visit you!! Crazy about the Goodwills! Hope you find that desk! Your house looks so cute. Isn't it great that no matter where you live, you can always call on ward members for help and you have instant friends!

Suzy Farar said...

your place looks really cute! And your kitchen is bigger than mine! We'll miss you guys, but I know you will make some great lifelong friends!

DaNell said...

Hope you continue to settle nicely. Oh, and Brin was sitting next to me and saw that park picture and said, "mom its a Disney Park." The boys will love that feature.

Kristen M said...

In our 1st place when we got married we did not have a dishwasher. Funny story actually. It was the day we were moving in and we went to close the door and leave the place and I looked around and said "where is the dishwasher?" Yup there was not one. We forgot to check on that as I assumed they were standard. Get red cups and plates from Costco they save the wrists and hands from all the washing. Good luck in your new home. XO

Ken and Marty said...

We're glad to have you guys!!

Mary said...

What an adventure! What a great park and fun times hunting down deals and what a trip . . . nice to finally get used to sleeping in new place (I'm sure you slept hard that night)! Can't wait to hear all about it!!