Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where did Sept. go?

This month has been a blur... Damond for the most part studies 14-16 hr days. He's gone from 7:30 to nine at night. Get's up early and goes to bed late studying! It is quite the load that is expected of them. We sometimes wonder if it would be easier had he been a science major? oh, well. Luckily, he doesn't study on Sundays, so we get to enjoy his full attention on Sundays and then we usually spend a little time together for FHE. We are all looking forward to his winter break! (But knowing Damond... he will still find something to study) :)

The boys and I continue to try and figure out our routine. Most of the time we find fun things to do, whether it's go to the park, zoo, or play in our "backyard" with the Manchester families. Thomas loves to have his neighbor friend Paige come over (even though they spend a majority of their time competing with one another- it drives me crazy :) )

We are continually thankful that we were led to these apartments. I am grateful for the friends and community that have welcomed us.

It was pretty hard getting used to Damond's schedule, (it made me really miss family and home), but I try to do the things Heavenly Father would have me do and pray that He will bless me on the "harder days". (and He has) :D
It has started to get cold here. We wear pants and long sleeves, sometimes even sweaters. It's kind of nice, (high 60's) though I would prefer it not get any colder :D We are exited to see what new experiences Fall in Indiana brings us :D
(& I am so excited, because my mom comes in 1 WEEK!) :D


EmilyCC said...

That's a LOT of hours to be studying. I'm glad you have a community and feel the comfort of God as you've made this dramatic transition.

We miss you!

little mama said...

I know those long days can be so looooooooooooooong! I'm so glad you are enjoying new friendships, and aren't completely lonely - it makes the move and the schedule that much easier, I'm sure!

Erekson's said...

It drives me crazy too that they feel the need to compete in everything! Got to love them though! I'm so glad you guys moved in next door we love having you here.