Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Stress continued...

So after getting the tenants checked in, I was finally able to take a shower. :DI was more than gross and smelly :D I desperately wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family before I left, but my good friend Josie had been trying to set up a farewell for about a month and I thought I’d have everything under control by Fri evening, but obviously that didn’t happen. Anyways, I knew I had to see her, even if it was only a ten-twenty min goodbye. It was fun, but I am anxious to get back to Phoenix to see (well, my family), but also the many friends that I wasn’t able to say good-bye to before I left.
I raced back home, but the boys had already fallen asleep and my poor mother was also exhausted. So I hung out with Barbara for awhile when we remembered that we needed to check in for our flight. I logged in and a screen came up that said I couldn’t check in 24hrs before or after the flight. Huh? And it was like a light bulb went off in both of our heads. For some reason we had been talking about dates and she was convinced that it was a day later than it actually was… well, we both looked at each other realizing that there was a BIG mistake with our tickets. I quickly looked at our reservations again and sure enough, the boys and I were scheduled to fly out on Mon Aug 3rd at 6:10 and not Sun Aug 2nd at 6:10. We then looked at her ticket reservation and she was scheduled to fly out on the Sun Aug 2nd 6:10 flight. She had helped me get the tickets while we were in Idaho and apparently she had gone of the flight number not realizing ( I didn’t know this either), but they have the same flight number for flights going to the same destination and time. Complete honest mistake! But she was feeling awful and I felt bad that she was feeling bad. So, of course, we were both starting to freak out, because I needed to be there by Mon afternoon to sign the lease. We called Southwest and they said they would have to charge us over $700 to change our tickets to Sunday. What?!?! Major stressing out now… so Barbara continued to try to work with their representative while I started asking Diego’s girlfriend Britt if she knew of anything that could be done (her dad is a pilot for Southwest) My first thought had been that we would just campout at the airport all day trying to get on stand-by, but they told us that the on-line tickets we had didn’t make us eligible for standby. Again…?!? So Barbara is trying to explain to them that I am a mom, traveling with two small children… and in the meantime, Britt called her mom ( and woke up the very nice woman). Her mom had to Buddy passes, but that would only help me with one boy and they are only stand-by so it wasn’t guaranteed that we would get on the flight. So the Southwest Rep was telling Barbara to cancel the three tickets and use that credit to buy the one ticket for Thomas. But luckily Britt’s mom heard that and said, “don’t cancel your tickets. If anything happens, at least you know you’ll have a flight no matter what!” So she started to fill out the paperwork for our Buddy passes, mind you by now it’s 12:30 at night, when a Southwest Manager came on, and said they we’re going to waive the 14 day prior period and get the boys and I on the Sunday flight for only $200. Pheww! Still not great, but WAY better than $700! And no stand-by J
Let me tell you that Heavenly Father has been there for us throughout this whole process! I am grateful for the many blessings we have received!!!!!
Luckily, the next day was without stress, but it was quite bittersweet.
I was wanting to get on with life, but I also knew that it would come with a price… family, friends, phoenix, the west, the desert... I had been working so hard that I had been able to put off thinking about the changes and all that I would miss. But as the time grew nearer, I was overcome with sadness knowing how much I would miss it all, but especially my mom, for we had grown so close and she has been such great help these past years. I know I am not the first to have to leave behind her mother, but the pain is the same. I knew I would miss Diego, but he is at such an fun time in his life that I know he won’t miss us that much. As for my dad and Barbara, well I didn’t have to think about that yet J

Alex was so excited to have a backpack :)

Saying bye to Mimi :( Trying hard not to cry!

Alex did not want to let go of Uncle Diego, it was very cute, but sad :(

All I know is that time does fly! (and I hope it continues to)

Our Agui!

Time continues to fly, so I am going to proceed in past/present segments and hopefully catch up soon.


Alice said...

CRAZY!!! I am glad that things worked out in the long run. I hope things will settle down, and you wil have a wonderful time at your new place.

FarFam said...

What a mess! What a blessing that you were able to get it all straightened out! I am ready for the rest of the story and more pictures!!!

Suzy Farar said...

Wow, I'm so sorry I wasn't around to help you more! I didn't know your flying out ended up being so crazy! And the whole truck thing too...

It looks like Damond got his white coat? What did you end up doing with the boys?