Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life Is A Game of Inches

Happy Birthday, Damond!

For me, our birthday=survivor's guilt.
It's hard. I still think you would have been the more ideal choice to raise the boys.

We went to the cemetery. We brought you flowers and letters. I had each of us write you a gift. A goal or service we wanted to include you in for this year. Did you hear the boys as they whispered, "we love you, dad. We miss you."

We went and watched When the Game Stands Tall. When I saw that a football movie was coming out on your birthday, I knew we had to go. It was good, not Remember the Titans good, but I still liked it.

"Don't let a game define who you are. Let the way you live your lives do that." -- When the Game Stands Tall

That quote reminded me of a talk you gave several years ago (this is only a small portion, if you would like the full version I will gladly send it to you)... 

"You have certainly heard the oft quoted line that “Life is a game of inches,” and I submit to you that it is.  It is not the big play in life or that one giant hurdle that we must overcome that is going to determine who we are and measure our ability to endure, but it is making the small daily decisions to stay true to the gospel, it is choosing the right when everyone else seems to be heading in the other direction, its kneeling in prayer for guidance morning and night, and studying the scriptures for wisdom that is going to gives us the strength to press forward and keep our covenants.  Then, if a big play needs to be made, or the insurmountable obstacle needs to be overcome, it will seem but minor to us as we have practiced and prepared for such a moment. 

I bear testimony that enduring to the end is not a passive process, but rather an active commitment that we make each and every day.  I know that some days it may come easier than others, but on those tough days I pray that we will always remember one inch at a time and However Long and Hard the road.  Lastly, and most importantly, even though we may exit the straight and narrow path there is always an on ramp back on and that is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I know that he lives and that he is our Savior and I know that we have a Father in Heaven who is supporting us the entire way and I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen."  -- Damond Farar

On your birthday, I am grateful that you lived your life one extraordinary inch at a time! We love you!!

Grateful to all our friends and family that thought of us this day! 

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Danielle Hirschi said...

Oh Wow! Damond's talk is amazing! What great words!