Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blue Hats to Blue Uniforms

A couple of days ago, my brother sent me the link to this West Jet Christmas video. I immediately started crying as I watched these people in Blue Santa Hats go and buy what the travelers wanted for Chrstmas, from iPads to socks ;) By the end of the video, I wanted to be a Blue Santa Hat.

Well, today the boys had their wishes come true, not by Blue hats, but Blue uniforms. They were selected to participate in Shop with a Cop. Lucky for us, our cop happened to be Damond's bestfriend, Matt. It was so amazing to watch as this HUGE ballroom filled up with Police Officers giving of their free time to participate in the program. I wish I had taken more pictures of Jacob walking up to different officers and asking for a sticker. :) Many, like Matt, were even coming straight from work!
After breakfast, the officers drove the kids to Walmart. The boys had so much fun riding in Matt's police truck!  The most touching scene for me was while we were driving. We drove in a procession and it was so neat to see so many cop cars with their lights on in front of us and then to look back and see many more cop cars. It meant so much to me to know that Matt and other police officers were doing this for my children and so many others. It truly was amazing!
As I drove the boys home, I tried to talk to them about their many blessings. I explained what a huge event they had attended. So many people worked hard to bring cheer to their Christmas. I then asked the boys to think of a way to pay this kindness forward...

Thomas: "Jacob, who's the best?" Jacob: "Matt!" :) 

Jacob did not want to get too close! ;)

Damond loved doing Ride Alongs with Officer Matt. I have no doubt Damond is right there with them!

As I reflect on today and my desire to be a Blue Hat Santa, I realized our year had been full of "blue hat Santas!"

May 2010
 I was pregnant with Jacob and sick, sick, sick! I spent most of the day lying down trying not to throw up. Damond had just finished first semester and was so excited to be able to spend time outside with his boys. They would play ALL DAY LONG! I was so grateful to finally have him home! Grateful he could finally help with the boys! But one day, tired of feeling SO crummy, I started to feel resentment that he spent ALL day outside without me. (I know, huge pity party! never said I was perfect!) Damond would come in periodically and tell me all about the neighbors, who they were, what they were like. During my pity party, I started to wonder why he spent all his time talking to the neighbors and not me? Me, the one who had been waiting a whole year to have my husband back. That night, tired of my pity party, I asked him.
His answer, "My number one reason for talking to the neighbors is for you and and the boys. I need to know that when I am not here, you guys are safe."

December 2013

Well, Damond, I want you to know that, because of your ability to love everyone as your neighbor,the boys and I have been well taken care of this past year.
            Your family and my family have taken care of us, not just because they love us, but because they love you! Our friends and family, and IU, have taken care of us all year long, but especially as they rallied behind the event on March 9th. Your love, kindness, and friendship towards others has inspired so many to take care of us this past year. 

Full of gratitude today for the blue hat Santas in our life, especially Damond!

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J. said...

Looks like a fun day. I'm so grateful to Matt and all the other officers.
Jacob has the right ide; storm troopers are scary!
Love you all!