Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Hero's Homecoming Surprise

Recently, I was driving in the car with my SIL. She was telling me about all of the awful things she had seen on the news and how it makes one not want to watch the news. But how, the news also, shared some "feel good stories."  I asked what they were.

She began describing how a soldier came home from a tour and surprised his son on the football field by dressing up in the opposing teams jersey. As soon as the dad takes off his helmet, the kid begins to cry.

As my SIL is telling me this story, my mind is making up a mental image. Of course, my brain has no idea who the people in her story are so, it substitutes Thomas and Damond. I, of course, start crying. My heart wants more than anything for that to be true for my boys (and me). I can (and have) imagined the joy the boys would feel (will feel) to see their dad again.

My SIL started to apologize for sharing that story, but I told her it was ok. That is a beautiful story. We will just have to wait a lifetime to get our own special reunion.

On Thursday, we were driving home from school. Alex said, "mom! I had the best dream last night. This is what happened. I didn't know Dad was back alive, but you, me and Thomas were coming home from Mimi's house. We walked into the house and Jacob was with Dad. I ran to him and jumped up and gave him a big hug. I was so happy to see him. (long pause) But then Thomas woke me up"             The smile in his voice as he told me this story broke my heart. I told him I was sorry that he had to wake up from such a dream. I know what that is like.

Friday Night, the boys were sorting their candy from a Trunk or Treat. Thomas said, " mom, if dad were alive I would give him these Reese's Pieces. Remember, they were his favorite?"
I replied, "yes, they were. That is so nice of you." As I walk away, I hear him say, "I know! For Christmas, I am going to ask Santa for my dad to come back. So, I will save these and give these to Dad later."

Everyday, I want more than anything to give the boys their own Hero Homecoming Surprise. Every night, I feel so guilty, because I didn't.

I found this other one, as I was searching for the one above. It hit closer to home, as the boy is closer to Thomas' age.

sometimes THIS (scroll to the bottom of the post for the video) video, seems like yesterday
other times, it feels like another life too painful to recognize.


J. said...

You are doing an amazing job. You're boys are so sweet.
Thomas was an adorable Tigger. Was Jacob Tigger this year?

Joan said...

Can only imagine your reunion with Damond. As impossible as it may seem, I know Heavenly Father will make it all worth it.
You're a phenomenal woman to endure such a trial with such grace.

Pacers said...

Thanks for sharing :) Everything you say is so heartfelt and beautiful. I hope this doesn't sound bad, but it reminds me to be grateful, and to keep the long picture in mind. Thank you for sharing!