Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anderson's Apple Orchard Fall Festival

I must say that this is one of our favorite places in Indy. The boys love to pick apples and raspberries. Well, last year we went to their fall festival, but it was rainy (muddy!) and Damond was in a rush to get to school to study, so it wasn't as enjoyable as I had thought. I have waited a whole year to attend again. It was awesome! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a lot of yummy food. Mainly their apple cider slushes. Yum!
Saturday's are usually huge studying days for Damond. That leaves Saturday as a long day for me and the boys, if I don't find something to do. Feeling so sick, and huge, and uncomfortable I am never very excited to take them out by myself, but I know we will just drive each other crazy if we stay inside. ( we have already done a little too much of that those first six months!)
Anyways, I am glad that I took them, because they had a blast playing in the play area.

Thomas loves swinging and then jumping off. He did this for the longest time!
"Hey, mom watch this!"
I guess it must be more fun to land in straw than in hard gravel :D

Alex also loved the hay! They had several hay bales stacked together that he would climb and then land in a pile of it. and he would just get the biggest grin :D

He, also, liked to put it at the bottom of the slide, except sometimes he'd prep the slide only to have some other kid go down it first. So then, he'd have to race back and put more on and try again. It was quite comical. He would never get mad (unlike a certain brother of his would have) he'd just try again.

We always miss Damond on our adventures, but I am glad that I can manage to get us out part of the time :D


J. said...

Looks like fun. I love the action shots!

Erekson's said...

so fun! Wish we could have come with you guys! Great shots of the boys jumping, I love them

Suzy Farar said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile, but I sure love the pictures! I'm not very good at keeping in touch, but we miss you guys. I wish we could experiance some fun fall colors here!!!