Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independence, Liberty Jail

After Colorado, we decided to stop and stay in Kansas City, well actually Independence. We decided to visit the Independence Visitor Center and Liberty Jail. They are quite close.
The Independence Visitor Center is HUGE! It has two full levels of different and wonderful exhibits. Obviously, not all the exhibits are super captivating for a 3 and 5 year old that have been stuck in a car for so many hours, but they have really nice Sister Missionaries that know the right things to show you in the right amount of time! My favorite exhibit was a little pioneer cabin that was all set up and then the windows did a little presentation. Even the boys sat still for this one :) The boys' favorite exhibit was this one below. It was a mini cabin area, where they could pretend to be pioneers. They pretended to cook, eat, clean up dinner at the well, play pioneer children games, and even drive a wagon. They loved it!

We then headed over to Liberty Jail, before starting the final leg of our month long adventure. Damond really loved the presentation given at Liberty Jail. It also was captivating enough to keep my boys quiet :D I would recommend both :)

We were really glad that we decided to incorporate this into our itinerary. I was a little nervous with the boys, but Damond and I both feel strongly that we should continue to see as many church history sights while we are out here.


The Farar Family said...

How cool! What a great experience for your family to be able to see all the Church History sights. I really would like to do the same. Hope you have a good day! Thanks for updating your blog! :)

Kate said...

So great! Nice to see your updates and your cute belly. ;)

Alice said...

That sounds like a really great place to visit. I am glad the boys had such a good time. You look so cute.

Mary said...

What a great trip! We hope one of these days to get out there. And good luck . . . how much longer?!?

J. said...

Psh! I want to play in that Cabin too. It's looks like a neat place. And finally a picture of you! :) Miss you tons.