Sunday, August 29, 2010

and the summer flew by...

I can't believe that summer has come and gone! We are now back into school full swing, except now we have two in school :D
Damond started MSII. (his second year of med school). He come home from the first day, saying he was soooo glad that he wasn't a first year. He glimpsed into the cadaver lab and was so happy that Anatomy was over! People ask if second year is easier/better and I just say, "it doesn't really seem easier, plus they have the Boards looming in front of them, but we both know what to expect and what we have to do to complete another year. He's back to studying all day, everyday, except for Sunday and Mon. Evening. We definitely cherish that time. Thomas has had a bit of a hard time not having Dad around anymore. They were lucky to have a summer full of Dad time, but now they struggle to understand why dad has to study so much :( It's just something we'll ALL need time to adjust to.
As for me, it has been a little strange becoming the "school mom". It's a mixture of nice and weird to only have one child for six hours. But I feel like, ever since we got back I have been going a million miles an hour. I am totally in the nesting stage and have a tons of projects I am trying to get done before the baby comes. (cleaning/organizing rooms, closets, ect. starting and finishing Alex's baby book, working on a FHE Music Kit, organizing and scanning pictures) and those are just side projects! I continue to feel yucky and uncomfortable :( I want my due date to be yesterday, but at the same time I am trying to enjoy these last few months with just my TWO sweet rascals.
And then there is blogging! One of my favorite books, is These is My Words. It's written like a journal and towards the end, she writes maybe once a year. I would get so mad that she wouldn't write more than that, but as a pioneer woman I am sure that she has way more stuff to do than I can imagine. but I think it is so fun to go back and read, see what was posted before its forgotten. If only I could be better.... :)
Now, this is what I see and love to see on a daily basis... cars all over my living room, my two boys happily (sometimes, not so happily) playing with their cars and each other, and my awesome eternal companion playing with said boys, thereby making their day! :D


Erekson's said...

It's hard getting back into life especailly when you have all summer to play! Hope Thomas is doing better with school and I would advise you to cherish the time you have left because as you know 3 is CRAZY!!!

J. said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed your summer together. I am tired just reading about all your 'side' projects, but I'm glad to see that posting a few blogs was one of them. Miss you!