Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They fear IT! I love IT!

I am talking about my vacuum. And "they" are my children. Thomas was absolutely terrified of it for a really long time and Alex has now started the same phobia. But I love it! When we got married we bought a regular one at Target. It was ok, nothing special. I realized this when a Kirby guy came to practice on me and he showed me just how ineffective my vacuum really was :( Well, needless to say, that one only lasted about two years. Once I realized how much time Thomas spend on the floor, I really wanted a good vacuum. So after much debate, I did it! I bought the expensive vacuum I had been eying at Costco. I was a little worried about what Damond would say, but it was for the SAFETY and HEALTH of our child. (and it was pretty COOL and SHINY RED :) It is a Bisell and it comes with a removable canister. This really comes in handy when you are trying to vacuum out the car. It is also bagless, one of Damond's requirements. Then it has attachments, that for the most part all fit on it so you don't lose them. I think it was only a hundred dollars, which is really not that expensive, as far as vacuums go.
I am writing about this, because over the weekend we had a Farar get together. It was fun to attend the blessing and it is always fun to see everyone. I had a great time chatting with the sister-in-laws. They are a great group of women! I love them! As Damond and I got in the car, he asked, "So what all do you ladies talk about for so long?" I just had to smile, because we talk about so many things it's hard to re-cap. So can you guess what we talked about? Good luck on your vacuum search Linsey!


Suzy Farar said...

Thanks for blogging about your vaccuum! I was kind joking when I said you could do a blog about your vaccuum! But I"m glad you did because I was wanting to see it! I need a new one too! But alas that is just something to add on the the list of things to buy!

Thorsons said...

I've been talking about getting a new vacuum for the last 4 YEARS! I've finally decided that this old vacuum is not moving to Oregon with us! Thanks for the consumer opinion-can you ever really trust a salesman?